13 Delicious African Dishes You Should Serve At Your Party

    Are you having a really nice party, that you put a lot of time into planning, now everything seems perfect but there is just this one thing that keeps bothering you, and that is the dishes you would love to serve at this perfect and elegant party of yours.

    You did not come across this article by mistake because you are in the right place, we give you dishes that would help your day-to-day life and we make your day-to-day life super interesting and fun for you with just a few recipes to get you started, all you need to do to check out these amazing recipes to get you started.

    It is simple to serve these basic meals at your party, spice things up, and show everyone just how creative and passionate you are.

    You don’t have to panic, that is why we are here for you, you don’t have to worry about dishes you would serve at your parties.

    In case you have other reasons to be on this article and you are interested in reading more of these articles, you can check them out here at the African food network.

    What delicious African dishes can you serve at your party?

    Did you know that delicious African dishes are the king of party food? Think of an African-themed party that includes hundreds of African dishes, Wouldn’t you get excited? 

    That excitement alone is the reason African food is the king of party dishes.

    You are now intrigued and would love to know more about the delicious African dishes that can be served at this elegant party of yours.

    Be patient and you will see more ways you can be creating and enjoying a new and fun experience.

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    zobo-African drinksAfrican drinks you can serve at your party

    It is important to have sweet and cold drinks at your parties, to have your guests entertained and wondering what kind of drinks those are.

    That is why we are here for you, to give you the best choices of drinks, pastries, and overall delicious African pastries.

    Don’t worry there is always a recipe here for you to try out, not just for your amazing party, but for your enjoyment.

    Why should you serve African drinks at your party? Think of it like this; Why should you have a glass of water every day, because it is healthy and important. Nobody wants to go to a party where there are no drinks.

    You cannot have an awesome party without drinks, and what other drink other than some delicious African drinks would be the best option to serve at your party?

    To show just how creative and fun you can be, serving these African drinks at your party would leave your guests asking for recipes and more. 

    The first drink on this list of African drinks you must have at your party is; 

    Sobolo Drink

    If you don’t know about this drink, you should check it out here at Sobolo drink. 

    If you know about this tasty African drink, you would understand why this sweet and flavor-filled African drink should be on the menu.

    To set the perfect African mood and vibe in your spectacular party, this drink should be at the top of your menu.

    The second drink on this list of African drinks you must have at your party;

    Thiakry Couscous

    This tasty African drink is another big reason why African drinks should be on the menu for your fabulous party.

    Your guests would love this creamy drink, but what is a tasty African drink without a good recipe? 

    If you want a recipe for this tasty African drink, there is always one here for you here.

    Palm Wine

    This African drink is the perfect drink if you are looking to set the right mood for your party, this African drink is mostly served at parties, do you now see why your guest would love this drink?

    This African drink is alcoholic due to the fermentation process it undergoes. You can either get this African drink from your local market, or you can prepare it locally. 

    The preparation process usually takes some time, so it is advised you purchase your palm wine from the market or the local palm wine tappers.

    You already know the drinks aspect of this list, but do you want to have just African drinks at your party? Of course not. 

    African food network is here for you because we give you the best options of African dishes, pastries, and drinks. 

    The next category of delicious African dishes you can serve at your party is a must-have, you just cannot have an amazing party without a chicken delicacy on the menu.

    African Chicken Dishes

    Your party is incomplete without a killer chicken dish to spice things up a bit on the menu, the African food network is here to tell you that, having at least three of these delicious chicken dishes on your menu would be the highlight of your spectacular party. 

    Don’t worry, you are going to get to know these chicken dishes and to show you just how much we care about your party, we have recipes for these delicious African dishes here, waiting for you to use. 

    The first African chicken dish is called;

    Ivoirian Alloco and Braised Chicken

    This is a plantain dish, Aloco or Alloko which means fried plantains. The thought of having this tasty dish on the menu would make you want to throw a party every day.

    Who wouldn’t love to have a plantain dish at their party? 

    You don’t have to be boring with this tasty African dish, there are so many ways you can enjoy this delicious dish, being creative with your delicious African dishes would not only make you happy, but it would also make your guests happy. 

    Chicken Nuggets

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    Everyone wants something to snack on, especially at a party, that is why this tasty snack should be on the menu.

    African Braised Chicken 

    Something spectacular to wow your guests? African braised chicken is the African dish for you. Not only does this taste amazing, but it looks even much tastier. Your guests would be wowed at this delicious African dish

    Other delicious Chicken dishes you can serve your guests at your party;

    • Paprika yogurt braised chicken 
    • Attieke braised chicken 
    • Chicken peanut stew 
    • Feel free to check out other African dishes 

    African Soup

    Some common dishes are usually served at parties, but who is to say you cannot be different from the rest?

    There are so many other dishes you can have at your spectacular party, these delicious African dishes would not only leave your guests begging for more, but your guests would also ask for your amazing recipe.

    If you are looking for something more traditional and tasty to serve at your amazing party, you have varieties of African soup here to do the job for you, all you need is an amazing recipe to get you started. 

    You are going to get a few soups you can try but you can also check for other soups you would love to try here at the African food network.

    Here are a few African soups you can serve at your spectacular party; 

    Ivoirian Pepper Soup

    This African soup is completely easy and quick to prepare, who does not like a time-saving African soup?

    This African soup would be perfect for your party because it can either be eaten alone, or it can be eaten with any side of your choice, giving your guests the opportunity to make their choice.

    It is a light dish that would not leave you feeling bloated or too full. This African soup is perfect for your party. You don’t believe it? Check out the recipe here at the African food network.

    Cassava Leaf Soup

    If you are looking for something more traditional, Cassava leaf soup is here to serve you right. This amazing African soup can be eaten with any swallow of your choice. 

    Sounds heavy right? Well, there are also some light swallows that you can have at your amazing party, like; Tuwo Shinkafa. To know more about Tuwo Shinkafa, you can read more here at

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    pepper soup-African soupChicken Pepper Soup

    Everyone would love to have a chicken dish at a party, not cause of the health benefits (The health benefits are amazing, you can see for yourself here at health benefits of chicken).

    The spicy and juicy taste of chicken is a major reason why you should have at least three chicken dishes on your menu.

    This delicious African dish is perfect for your amazing party because it is also a light dish, your guests would not be too full, they would be the right amount of satisfied, and guess what? This delicious chicken pepper soup is very easy and quick to make, so why don’t you get right into the recipe?

    You can always find a recipe for this delicious African dish here at the African food network.

    Image from:

    catfish pepper soup-African dishes Catfish Pepper Soup

    What is better than a bowl of chicken pepper soup for your party? Catfish pepper soup. 

    This spicy and hot African dish is known to be a very popular dish served at parties because this tasty catfish pepper soup is the best.

    The spicy flavor with the taste and tenderness of the catfish is very irresistible, and it would have your guests hooked.

    There is no need to talk too much, have this tasty catfish pepper soup on the menu for your amazing party and let your guests testify.

    Other delicious African dishes you can serve at your party;

    • Goat meat pepper soup
    • Pastries 
    • French toast with toast 
    • Twisted doughnuts
    • Stuffed rolled pastry 

    To get the mood going at your party, don’t you think your guests would love a full meal at the party? Noting too light, nothing too heavy, the next category of delicious African dishes you can serve at your party would have both you and your guests hooked.

    This category of delicious African dishes you can serve your guests at your party is amazing African rice dishes.

    you can serve your guests at your party, to know more about rice, you can check out this article on interesting facts about rice, to learn more about the general health benefits of rice and some really interesting facts.

    Amazing African Rice Dishes You Can Serve Your Guests at Your Party; 

    It is arguably impossible to have a spectacular party without rice at the top of the menu, it just does not happen. 

    That is why we are here to show you ways you can create magic in your kitchen for your beautiful guests, one African dish at a time. 

    There are so many rice dishes you can have on the menu for your amazing party, but having at least three of these African rice dishes is going to make you happy but most importantly, make your guests super happy. 

    Let’s get right into the list of African Rice dishes you can serve at your party;

    Pan Toast Jollof Rice

    If you have had a try at this tasty African rice dish you should know that it is a must-have at your party. The great taste of this chicken that can be paired with this dish, the ingredients, and the rice mixed all together to prepare this dish gives it a great taste that is a must-have on the menu for your amazing party. 

    Liver Fried Rice

    Are you looking for a healthy rice dish? Are you looking for a healthy African rice dish that you can give your guests at your spectacular party? 

    Give yourself a huge hi-five because you have finally found the right place. African food network is here to give you only the best of delicious African dishes that would make you and your guests happy.

    Liver fried rice as you already know from the name is another rice dish that has liver as one of the main ingredients. 

    This delicious African rice dish is not only great for parties, but it is also great for your health. This is because of the liver content in the rice dish.

    So add Liver fried rice to the menu of African rice dishes you must have at your party. 

    Ham, Liver And Eggs Fried Rice

    Is the liver fried rice too boring for you? Are you looking for some extra spice and flavor for your party rice dish? African food network is here to give you so many options you would want to choose all. 

    Ham, liver, and eggs fried rice is another dish you should have at your party because this would give your menu some kind of healthy but fun meal kind of look. 

    You don’t have to search around for a good recipe for this amazing African dish, all you need is this article and you are good to go.

    You can check out the amazing recipe for Ham, liver, and eggs fried rice here: Ham, liver, and eggs recipe.

    Other Delicious African Dishes You Can Have At Your Party;

    • Coconut fried rice 
    • Shrimp fried rice 
    • Pork fried rice 
    • Ivoirian chicken Jollof rice 
    • One-pot oven Jollof rice 
    • Beetroot rice 
    • Peanut butter rice 
    • Rice and offal balls 

    African Salads

    Going to parties to have some fun is good, but who are you kidding? You are attending this party for the amazing dishes you would be expecting to have.

    There are so many delicious African dishes you can serve at your party, but did you know you could also serve some tasty and healthy African salads at your party? That is why we are here for you. 

    To give your spectacular party some type of classic vibe, salads are a must-have. Why should you serve African salads at your party? 

    • Salads are great antioxidants
    •  Great source of vitamins
    • Easy to make 
    • A healthy dish
    • Some African salads would leave you satisfied, not too full, just perfect satisfaction. 

    Image from:

    avocado and steak salad-African saladAvocado Salmon Salad

    If you don’t already know, having a salad on the menu of your party would guaranty happy guests, a lot of time saved from cooking intense dishes, and overall a great party.

    Avocado and salmon salad is the African Salad to have at your party because it is easy to prepare, you already have an amazing recipe here to guide you and the health benefits are good enough to have you and your guests smiling.

    To know more about this tasty and healthy African salad, you can check out this article about African salads.

    delicious African dishes-creamy beet saladCreamy Beet And Potato Salad

    Another time-saving delicious African salad, that would blow your mind and that of your guests, from the color to the taste and the health benefits, who wouldn’t love to have a try of this delicious African dish?

    From the name alone, you can already tell this dish would be creamy and flavor-filled, due to the beetroot content.

    You can check out the recipe for this amazing African salad here at; Creamy beet and potato salad recipe.

    Image from:

    abacha-African saladAfrican Salad And Fried Titus Fish (Abacha)

    Abacha is the African salad of all African salads, it is already in the name. Having this dish at your party would leave everyone smiling and satisfied. 

    The ingredients which are used to prepare this tasty African dish, are known to give Abacha its traditional and local taste that would have you licking your fingers. 

    To get the best experience from this delicious African salad, it is usually served with fried fish and some other sides (you are free to be creative in this aspect).

    To get the recipe for this delicious African dish for your party, you can always get it here at the African food network.

    Other African Dishes You Can Have At Your Party;

    • Goat garri pinon 
    • Egyptian kofta 
    • Crispy beef empanadas 
    • Fish dishes 
    • Fish stew 

    You Can Enjoy These Dishes At Home Too

    These dishes can also be enjoyed at home or anywhere else, so don’t feel left out if you are looking for new delicious African dishes, we have got you covered with so many delicious African dishes you can choose from. 

    Are you looking for new delicious African dishes to try at home? Are you looking to have a fun and exciting experience with food? There is no need to look so far anymore, the African food network is here to make your wish for delicious African dishes come true. 

    You can also try these dishes in your free time, you don’t have to wait until you want to have a great party before you try out new types of delicious African dishes.

    There are also recipes for these dishes and many more that you can check out here at the African food network.

    Have An Amazing Party With These Tasty African Dishes

    Having a party can be stressful, but choosing what delicious African dishes to have on the menu for the party can be even more stressful, that is why we are always here to help you, giving you the best options of African dishes, the best recipes, actually the best of everything. Is this not amazing?

    These tasty African dishes, pastries, and drinks are all here for your use. You are free to use them for your cooking and also for that spectacular party.

    Hope your party goes great, hope your guests have the best time at your party, and hope your African party dishes make your guests happy but most especially we hope these delicious African dishes make you happy.

    Be sure to let us know how your party was, what dishes you served your guests and how much fun you had trying out these delicious African dishes.

    Have a great day, a fun and spectacular party, drink some water, and wear a huge smile on your face.




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