Tuwon Masara (Corn Meal Swallow) Recipe

Amarachi Irobi
Amarachi Irobihttp://@Amara_ii
My name is Amarachi Irobi, a content writer and food lover who loves to explore traditional African cuisine.
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Cornmeal recipe (Tuwo masara) is a staple dish and a favorite fufu swallow in Nigeria’s northern states and is called by different names. This Tuwon Masara or corn fufu is also a very common meal in different parts of Africa and it is cooked in different ways depending on the country.
Cornmeal swallow (tuwon masara) is one of the world’s most popular current trending meals. Every day, millions of people enjoy it. It’s easy to make, quick to prepare, and delicious to eat.

What is Tuwon Masara Made From?

The term tuwon masara is formed from two Hausa words; tuwo (cooked cornmeal) and masara (maize). It is often called tuwon masara or tuwo. Cornmeal fufu is made from dried corn. The corn is ground into a medium consistency and then sieved to have a fine consistency.
Tuwon Masara or corn fufu is a bit similar to polenta as they both use corn.  While corn fufu is cooked plain without any seasoning, polenta is prepared and seasoned like a porridge.

Health Benefits of Tuwo Masara

Here are some health benefits of this delicious meal;

1. It is Nutritious and highly appetizing.

2. It Prevents constipation

3. Reduces stomach acidity.

4. It reduces the symptoms of certain cancers.

5. Reduces the risk of diabetes and heart diseases.

6. Boost immune system.

7. Boost production of red blood cells.

8. Good for the the eyes, contains vitamin A.

9. Prevents color cancer since it contains a lot of fibre.

10. Aids the digestive system

11. Helps reproductive health

Different Ways to Prepare Cornmeal Fufu (Tuwon Masara)

There are different ways of making cornmeal fufu. You can directly add the ground corn to a pot of boiling water while stirring continuously to create a dough-like mash.

However, you can still prepare your corn fufu or tuwo masara by mixing the cornflour into a thick paste and then add it into a pot of boiling water to make a smooth dough-like mash.


Tuwon Masara Corn meal swallow recipe
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What To Serve With Tuwon Masara?

Tuwo Masara (Tuwon Masara) can be eaten with any Nigerian soup, such as Ogbono soupEgusi soup or Okra soup. The Northerners enjoy it with Miyan Wake, Miyan Taushe , Miyan Zogale, Miyan Ridi, Miyan Tapasa, Miyan Shuaka and Miyan kuka.

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However, cornmeal also pairs well with any type stews, and sauces.  Apart from tuwon Masara, there are other cornmeal recipes . Also see here how to make Tuwon Dawa Da Miyan Kuka.

Serve hot and ENJOY!

Tuwon Masara

Corn Meal Swallow


  • Corn meal (garin masara).
  • Oil
  • Water
  • Corn Flour


  • Allow the maize dry and afterwards you grind or blend it.
  • Boil water in a pot.
  • Divide the corn meal into 2 and set aside.
  • Pour the one part in a bowl add water and mix until smooth and set aside.
  • Then gradually pour the second paste into the boiling water and use your turning stick to mix until smooth cover and allow to cook for 10min.
  • Then gradually pour the remaining corn meal into the paste and turn at the same time until smooth.
  • Add a little oil and continue to mix.
  • Add little water inside and cover the pot allow it to cook for some minutes.
  • Open the pot and turn the mixture until smooth.
  • Mould as desired and serve with soup of your choice.
  • Add lemon, stir or give the pot a little shake and turn off the heat.
Tried this recipe?Let us know how it was!
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Amarachi Irobi
Amarachi Irobihttp://@Amara_ii
My name is Amarachi Irobi, a content writer and food lover who loves to explore traditional African cuisine.

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