Prepare time: 2 days
Ready in: 2days

Known by the name maas in Afrikaans, Magege in Tsonga language, mafi in Sesotho,  The Amasi is fermented milk in a calabash. This popular milk beverage that tastes like cottage cheese or plain yogurt traditionally prepared by storing unpasteurised cow’s milk in a calabash or container till it ferments and separating the water called Umlaza and the thick liquid which is the amasi. Mostly gotten from cattle, and rarely from goats, this fermented milk, Amasi contains a lot of valuable probiotics and an amazing source of calcium, Vitamin E, iron, magnesium and protein. It is mostly poured over Mealie meal (pap) or eaten alone with wooden spoons straight from a calabash.


  • 2 tablespoon Amasi Starter Culture
  • 500 ml Organic full fat milk
  • Plastic/wooden spoon (preferably plastic)
  • Glass jar
  • Coffee filter or muslin cloth
  • Rubber band


  1. Pour the Amasi starter culture into the clean glass jar.
  2. Add milk into the jar.
  3. Stir properly, there is no need for electric mixer.
  4. Cover the mixture with a muslin cloth or coffee filter and secure with rubber band.
  5. Store in a room temperature of about 20-25C out of direct sunlight and direct heat source.
  6. Store for about 12-24 hours or more till the sets like gelatine. The best way to find out is by tilting the jar, it should firmly pull away from the side of the jar as a single mass.
  7. Once it set, cover and refrigerate for 7 hours. Do not stir.
  8. Serve in a calabash with wooden spoon.

Image Source: The Daily Maverick


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