Best Nigerian Dishes For Dinner: Moin moin With Pap is one Great Choice.

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The Best Nigerian Dishes For Dinner :

Just as diverse as Nigeria and its people are, there are also diverse foods in the country. We have a lot of foods in Nigeria, however, each food has a period it is best served. For instance Eba with Efo-riro is best served as dinner, not as breakfast or lunch. For people who have interest in knowing the Nigerian dish that is best served for dinner, below is our best Nigerian dish for dinner. You will find this article worthwhile of reading, so take your time to read it.


Our best Nigerian dish for dinner is ‘moin moin with pap’. The main food in this dish is moin moin. Moin moin is a very delicious Nigerian meal, eaten mainly by the Yoruba and Igbo ethnic groups. The food is made with washed beans. Let us take a quick look at how moin moin is prepared. To prepare moin moin, the first thing a person has to do is to soak some amount of beans in water. After some minutes, check if the beans are well soaked. The higher the quantity of beans soaked, the longer the soaking takes.

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After the beans have been well soaked, wash off their fine coat, leaving the beans white. After washing, the white bean seeds should be isolated from their shafts. There are many ways to do this, but adopt which method suits you best. After the isolation of the white beans, rinse them carefully in such a way that pebbles that have settled below will be removed. Get some rinsed pepper (do not use tomatoes) and slice onions on the white beans. Grind them (white bean, pepper and onion) together till you achieve a fine paste.

After grinding, you should add a little quantity of water. Proceed to pouring the fine paste in moulds; choose what kind of mould you want. Get a large pot and fill it up with water equivalent to 1/10 of its capacity. Carefully place the moulds in the pot, and cover it up. The time it will take the food to be well cooked depends on a lot of things: amount of heat received by the pot, base area of the pot, temperature of the water, quantity of moin moin, etc. Hence, we can not state a specific time after which the moin moin will be well cooked. Owing to this, we’ll tell you two ways to know if your moin moin is well cooked or not.

The first technique is smell perceiving. Some people are familiar with the smell of cooked moin moin. In short, when they perceive a smell from the cooking pot, they can tell whether the moin moin is cooked or not. If you are this kind of person, you should definitely be able to use this technique. The second technique is ‘touching to feel’. It involves touching a moin to know its state of matter. When you put your moin moin in the pot, it is liquid, but when it is well cooked, it becomes semi-solid. Knowing this, you can know if a moin moin is well cooked or not.


Moin moin can be eaten alone or with some other things like rice, bread, pap, custard, etc. In this article, pap was selected because it is often used compared to the other foods eaten with moin moin. Pap preparation is simple, it involves mixing dissolved pap with hot water. As the mixing continues, the solution starts to solidify. You should keep mixing it until you achieve your desired result. Serve your moin moin with pap, and enjoy the best Nigerian dish.

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