8 Fun Facts About Plantain and African Plantain Dishes You Would Love

Amarachi Okike
Amarachi Okike
My name is Amarachi Okike, a content writer and lover of the African culture especially its traditional dishes.
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If you are a lover of plantain and you have given African plantain dishes a try, the question that would run through your mind would be “how can one food have all this sweetness?”.

Plantain is a very popular staple in Africa, most countries in Africa have their plantain dishes and they are amazing.

This article is going to show you different fun and interesting facts about plantain and believe when we say you are going to be blown away.

Before we get into the interesting facts about plantain, let us take a closer look at what kind of information or knowledge you have about plantain.

What Do You Know About Plantain?

In simple terms, plantains are a type of banana but they are starchier and not as sweet as bananas. Unlike bananas, plantains are very versatile and can be eaten with or without being boiled.

It is said that potatoes and cooked plantains have some similar nutritional features, like in the aspect of calories. But plantains are known to possess some minerals and vitamins in a much larger content.

Plantains are known to be one of the richest sources of fiber and some other vitamins like vitamins C, B-6, and A. Plantain also contains some other amazing nutrients but the most popular nutrients that plantains possess are potassium and magnesium.

Your favorite African food is not only delicious, but it also has great nutritional values that would help in some important activities that are conducted in the body, these activities would enable the body to function better and faster, leaving you looking and feeling healthy and strong.

Let’s talk about the nutritional contents of plantain. Haven’t you ever wondered about the nutritional contents of your favorite food? Don’t you want to know the nutritional benefits you would be getting from your food?

Everyone who loves everything about African food should ask themselves those questions because who wouldn’t want to know more about the things they eat?

That is why the African food network is here for you, we give you the best of everything concerning African food and we ensure you get the most out of it.

From the best recipes to the best food out there, the foods wouldn’t only leave you satisfied, but they would also help in the improvement of your general health, leaving you refreshed, healthy, and prepared for the next African food.

Eating is a very important part of living, this is because the body needs food to survive, but did you know that the body getting food to survive is not enough? The body needs good food to be able to function properly, and that is why you are going to get a sneak peek at the nutritional contents of plantains.

If you would like to know more about everything about African food and so many other African foods apart from plantain, you can always check out more Articles here at the African food network.


beans and plantain-African plantain dishes
Image from: Pinterest.com

Why Do You Need To Know The Nutritional Content Of Plantain?

Just as you read earlier, the only thing better than food in the body is good food in the body. How would you know what food is good for you and bad for you if you are not properly informed about the nutritional contents of the food?

This reason alone is why you should be informed about the nutritional content of plantain.

Another good reason is to prevent the possibility of allergic reactions.

There are some food contents that the body system of some people are not used to hence leaving you with an allergic reaction.

If you are properly informed about the contents of your food, you would know what you are meant to take in and foods that you are supposed to avoid, doing this would reduce the risk of allergic reactions, hence, keeping you safe from reactions that might affect your health.

What is the nutritional content of plantain?

The table of nutritional contents is into two sections, the vitamins, and minerals that are present in plantains and how much of these vitamins and nutrients are present.

Take this as one of the health benefits of Plantains, what is a delicious meal if it isn’t healthy?

Nutritional content of plantains

 Potassium 0.22g
Carbohydrates 58g
Vitamin C 23mg
Vitamin A 63mg
Vitamin B-6 0.29mg
 Fat 022g
Protein 2g
 Magnesium 57mg


plantain-plantain dishes
Image from: Pinterest.com

Interesting Facts about plantain 1

Did you know that plantains are said to be a very poor source of fat and proteins, making them a representative of just one part of a complete and healthy balanced diet?

Now you know some part of the nutritional contents of plantains, and you know what nutrients are greater than the other, did this help you?

If yes, let us know the ways this table of the nutritional contents of plantain helped you.

Now that you know the nutritional contents of plantain, it is time you know the health benefits of this delicious and amazing food.

But before we look into that, let us take a look at another interesting fact about plantain.

Interesting facts about plantain 2

Did you know that plantains are mostly grown in tropical countries like;

  • South Asia
  • South America
  • The Caribbean
  • Africa
  • Southeast Asia

Interesting facts about plantain 3: 

Did you know that plantains are a non-seasonal crop, which means they are always available, every month of the year?

Were you fascinated by these interesting facts about plantain? Well, sit tight because you are about to get to know some more.

If this is your first time here, there is a saying that is very popular here, and it goes “what is a great food without great health benefits?”

Those who have had plantain at least once in their life would tell you that plantain really is great food, from the flavor to the versatility, to the taste, to the aroma, everything about plantain is great, what do you expect from such great food? Greater health benefits.

Plantains are not only popular for their taste; It is also very famous for the great nutritional values it adds to the body. Why don’t you see for yourself?

What are the health benefits of plantain?

  • Plantain Works Wonders For The Heart

Plantain has a high amount of potassium and potassium is an important nutrient required for the maintenance of body fluids and cells that partake in the controlling and maintenance of blood pressure and heart rate.

Interesting facts about plantain 4

Did you know that plantains have high fiber content, hence plantain is said to aid in the processes involved in the lowering of your cholesterol, which also keeps the function of your heart healthy and generally functional at its best?

  • Plantains Are Rich In Antioxidants

Part of the contents of plantains is rich in vitamin C and plantains are said to contain the daily requirement of vitamin C.

Vitamin C acts as an antioxidant that would ultimately boost and improve your immune system, leaving you satisfied, healthy, and refreshed.

What else do you expect from this amazing food?

  • Plantains Are One Of The Most Nutritious Foods You Would Ever Get To Experience

Interesting facts about plantain 5

Did you know that plantains digest very easily?

Plantains are one of the richest sources of vitamins, minerals, and complex carbohydrates. These nutrients that are present in plantain makes it one of the most nutritious food you would ever try.

Interesting facts about plantain 6

Due to the availability of plantains, they are not very expensive.

  • Plantains Would Be Of Great Aid To Your Digestive Health

Plantains are great for the digestive system because they help and aid in the progression and regularization of bowel processes.

Plantains have high fiber content, and fiber is known to soften, increase the weight and size of your stool.

Constipation is usually caused due to indigestion and lack of some basic nutrients, but adequate intake of plantains helps in the prevention of constipation.

Interesting facts about plantain 7 

Adequate intake of foods that have a good amount of fiber may lead I the reduction of the risk of hemorrhoids and some other intestinal diseases known as diverticular disease.

Fiber is also known to aid digestive processes and increase fullness. Guess what food is rich in fiber? Plantains!

plantain chips-plantain chips
Image from: Pinterest.com
  • Plantains Are Very Friendly When It Comes To Weight Management

Interesting facts about plantain 8

Did you know that carbohydrates are not all bad when it comes to weight management? Plantains are known as complex carbohydrates, this is as a result of the starch and fiber content found in plantains.

What Are Complex Carbohydrates? 

To easily define what complex carbohydrates are, you can say they are usually made up of sugar molecules, these sugar molecules are usually together in what can be described as a long complex chain.

In other words, both complex and simple carbs turn to glucose and are then used as energy for the body.

Due to the fiber content and complex carbohydrates of plantain, they are said to make you satisfied.

This is due to the fiber content of plantains which are slowly digested and have fewer processes.

Plantain dishes

  • Plantains Are Known To Be Rich In Potassium, Hence They Aid In Lowering Blood Pressure.

There are some nutrients that are required by the body, to function properly, especially the heart, but there is a particular nutrient that is required by the heart to help to normalize the functions and activities of the heart, and the nutrient is potassium.

Potassium does not only help the heart, but it helps other parts of the body, for proper functioning, especially the muscles and nerves.

Potassium in the body also helps in protein synthesis, which usually takes place in the body.

All these are the importance of potassium in the body, and it is only right you have a balanced intake of protein in your daily meal, this would encourage your body to work efficiently.

A potassium-rich diet also helps to balance out sodium, and an increased amount of sodium in the body, often leads to increased blood pressure, you would not want that, so why don’t you have a potassium-rich meal like plantain to help keep you healthy and wealthy; Just like they say, health is wealth.

Plantain is an amazing source of potassium and adequate intake gives your body the amount of potassium it requires.

  • Plantains Are Rich In Vitamin B6, And Guess What? Vitamin B6 Is Great For Good Health And A Happy Mind.
African plantain dishes-plantain chips
Image from: Pinterest.com

Vitamin B6 is a miracle worker when it comes to things of the health and mind. They perform so many functions that would lead to a great improvement in your health.

Vitamin B6 is important during some metabolic processes that occur in the body, like, the metabolism of macronutrients, neurotransmitters, and blood cells.

Guess what African food is rich in Vitamin B6? Plantains of course.

Having a good amount of vitamin B6 in the body would help in many ways like;

  • Vitamin B6 may help in the reduction of symptoms of premenstrual symptoms.
  • Vitamin B6 is said to aid in the improvement of brain health.
  • Vitamin B6 also helps in the reduction of cognitive decline.
  • Vitamin B6 may also help to reduce symptoms of the common morning sickness in pregnant women.

You have come to know some interesting facts about plantain, aren’t they fascinating?

Just like you read earlier, if you are a plantain lover, this article is would be the best thing that would happen to you, and your love for plantains.

You have a good amount of information about plantains, now don’t you want to try this amazing food? Of course, you want to, plantain is an irresistible meal, if you think you love plantain, well, get ready to be obsessed with these amazing plantain dishes.

Africa And Plantains

Africa as a continent is beautiful and creative in so many ways, especially when it comes to its delicacies.

Africans have a way of creating amazing dishes out of one kind of food, you don’t believe this? Well, check out articles about anything about African food, here at the African food network.

plantain dishes-plantain chips
Image from: Pinterest.com

It is one thing to love food, and it is another to want to explore the world of African food, you cannot love plantain and say you don’t want to explore the different kinds of African plantain dishes that are out there.

Some things are easier said than done, but not to worry, the African food network is here to make everything about your love and passion for African food super easy.

To get the nutrients that are present in plantain, you would need to have plantain as part of your meal, but to get the best out of your favorite food and explore your creativity with African food, you would need an African food network to guide you.

African food network helps keep you informed and updated on the nest kind of African food while opening your mind to the amazing creativity and beauty that can be found in Africa as a continent.

We are going to take a dive into the world of African food, and look at the different types of African plantain dishes available for you to try.

African Plantain Dishes 

Be careful while you read, thee tasty and healthy African plantain dishes would have you hooked and begging for more, you don’t believe this? Well, let us take a look at the first African plantain dish on this list of African plantain dishes.

The First African Plantain Dish On This List Is;

Kelewele (Fried Plantain With Spices)

kelewele-African Plantain dishes
Image from: Pinterest.com

If you are big in African street food, then you should be familiar with Kelewele, if you are not sure what this is; Kelewele is popular African street food, that is most commonly found on the streets of Ghana, Accra.

This African plantain dish is very popular for its great taste, and its popularity goes across other countries in the continent (Africa).

There are different flavors of this amazing African plantain dish, that is just how amazing this African plantain dish is.

Just as the name implies, the plantain is usually fried and spiced with a variety of ingredients to give kelewele its great, spicy, and hot flavor.

The Second African Plantain Dish On This List Of African Plantain Dishes Is;


Kaklo, otherwise known as Kakro or plantain balls, is another great and flavor-filled plantain dish that originates from Ghana, Accra.

The recipe for this amazing African plantain dish is pretty simple, as having a very ripe plantain would do the trick.

Having an overripe plantain can be a problem, instead of wasting that plantain, you can use it to prepare this amazing African plantain dish.

The Third African Plantain Dish On This List Of African Plantain Dishes is;


Tatale, also known as plantain patty, is another great and creative way to enjoy your favorite food.

This is another amazing Ghanaian plantain dish, do you see how creative Africans are with this food? If you are not intrigued, hold on tight, there are enough plantain dishes that will have you interested and completely invested in African plantain dishes.

This African plantain dish is also referred to as Ghanaian pancake, and Tatale is usually served as a side dish and can be enjoyed with beans.

stuffed plantain-African plantain dishes
Image from: Pinterest.com

The fourth African Plantain dish on this list of African plantain dishes is;

Stuffed Plantains

Imagine not wanting some of this African plantain dish right now, the name alone is giving off some intense flavor and savor.

This African plantain dish allows you to be creative and explore the world of spices and ingredients for your stuffing.

To have an idea of what kind of ingredients would be great for this amazing African plantain dish, you are free to check out this article here at the African food network.

The Fifth African Plantain Dish On This List Of African Plantain Dishes Is;

Plantain and Beans

Plantain and beans is a one-pot African plantain dish, this is a very popular African staple that has great health benefits and would leave you satisfied and smiling.

Looking for new and exciting African dishes you can try? Plantain and beans are the African plantain dish for you.

You have been given five different African plantain dishes to have fun with and enjoy this nutrient-filled meal with, you should be convinced by now that plantain is one of the best African foods out there that will make you happy and leave your body healthy and refreshed.

plantain and fish-plantain dishes
Image from: Pinterest.com

Now that you have some information about plantain and you have a good number of African plantain dishes to be creative with, what is stopping you from preparing these tasty African plantain dishes for your friends and family to partake in this nutrient-filled fun?

Are you in need of the recipe for these nutrient-filled, tasty, and healthy African plantain dishes? Not to worry, the African food network is always here for you, with the recipes and the African dishes that would not only be a guide to the preparation of the meal, but it would also help you with your creative cooking skills, allowing you to explore the world of African food, one recipe at a time. Is this not amazing?

If you have tried any of these amazing African plantain dishes, before, be sure to let us know how it was, and if you haven’t had any of these African plantain dishes, you should be willing to try at least three of the African plantain dishes.

Be sure to let us know what other interesting facts about plantains and other African plantain dishes you would love to see here at the African food network.

Did you find the interesting facts about plantain interesting? What interesting fact was your favorite?

Let us know everything, and be sure to have the most beautiful day, wear a huge smile on your face, drink some water and enjoy some healthy and nutrient-filled plantains.



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Amarachi Okike
Amarachi Okike
My name is Amarachi Okike, a content writer and lover of the African culture especially its traditional dishes.

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