Plantain Chips

Plantain chips, also known as alloco, dodo, or chicharritas, are formed with thinly sliced green plantains that are either deep-fried or oven-baked till crisp and golden and seasoned. Plantains are a good carb alternative to potatoes since they grow well in the tropics, where potatoes cannot.

Plantain Chips

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  • Mandolin or Knife


  • 1 Ripe plantains Make sure they're not overripe!
  • Vegetable oil


  • Do not use overripe plantains:
  • Unless you are a skilled knife expert, don't hesitate to use a mandolin slicer:
  • Make sure your oil is at the right temperature
  • Do not salt or season the plantains before frying them
  • Place the plantain chips in the hot oil one at a time, or in a single layer
  • Flip the chips continuously!
  • Watch the color and listen for the sizzle
  • Season while hot
  • Cool completely before serving


If they happen to survive longer than one hour after they are served, store the crisp plantain chips in an air tight container to ensure the ULTIMATE CRISPNESS is maintained.
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