Swabaa Zainab

Swabaa Zainab is a delicious oriental sweet. It consists of a mixture of semolina, flour, sugar, and butter that is then baked in an oven. Then, it can be fried in oil and then watered with sweet syrup.

It also can be served at all times, whether mornings or evenings. It is one of the popular desserts of Ramadan.

Origin Of Swabaa Zainab

Sawabe’ Zainab or Swabaa Zainab is one of the most popular Egyptian desserts, and there are two stories behind this name.

The first one is: that there was a very clever girl who invented this sweet. When she served it to the visitors, they said “Teslam Sawabe’ Zainab” which means May God bless Zainab’s fingers.

The second story is: that Sawabe’ Zainab is after the name of Ms. Zainab, Al-Hussain’s daughter (May Allah be pleased with him). Because Egyptian people love Ms. Zainab so much and because that sweet is very popular, they called it after her name.

It is a dough prepared by mixing semolina, flour, sugar, and other sweets ingredients that impart a great taste. It also has a sugared taste as it is dipped in syrup, and you can dress it as you wish.

Swabaa Zainab Recipe

Zainab’s fingers are flour with semolina in the form of fingers that are crunchy on the outside and very soft on the inside and placed in sugar syrup.

The main ingredient for Zainab fingers is flour and semolina.

Middle Easterners eat Zainab’s fingers on many occasions, the most important of which is Eid al-Fitr, as well as popular celebrations.

Zainab’s fingers are considered one of the oldest sweets that were mastered by the Arabs in the old days and then spread around the world and many many lovers of oriental sweets innovated in it.

How to Make

  • Put all the ingredients in a wooden large bowl, or glass bowl and mix them well. Rub olive oil with the flour combination till they are mixed well.
  • Put the water and the combination in the electric kneader and mix till a moldable dough is formed. Let it stand for one hour.
  • Shape the dough in form of small, and short fingers then pass them through a strainer to take the desired shape.
  • Fry the fingers ” Sawabe’ Zainab “ in hot oil and stir them continuously until they are browned.
  • Take them out of the oil and dip them in the syrup immediately, then drain them to remove the excess syrup.

How to Serve

  • Place them on the serving plate
  • Serve them with juice, tea, Pepsi, or coffee.


Sawabe’ Zainab is one of the known popular dishes Egyptian people love too much, because of its great taste and because it relates to the popular heritage. So, below is our homemade Swabaa Zainab recipe and there is nothing better than homemade. Enjoy!

Egyptian Zainab fingers recipe- sawabe-zainab

There are two ways make Zainab's fingers, the Arabic method, and the Egyptian method. The Arabic method relies on semolina more than flour. As for the Egyptian method, it relies on flour more than semolina. And here I will share with you the Egyptian recipe
Prep Time 30 mins
Cook Time 15 mins
Course Dessert
Cuisine Algerian, Egyptian, Mediterranean
Servings 15


  • Frying pan
  • food strainer
  • big bowl


  • 1 kg syrup- of sugar
  • ½ liter syrup-water
  • 1 tablespoon syrup-lemon juice
  • 1 syrup- saffron optional
  • 2.5 cups Dough- flour 313 grams
  • Half cup Dough- melted ghee or oil or ghee on oil 100 grams
  • Half cup Dough- melted ghee or oil or ghee on oil 100 grams
  • 1 tablespoon Dough- sugar 10 grams
  • ¼ teaspoon Dough- salt 2 grams
  • ½ teaspoon Dough- yeast 3 grams
  • 1 &1/4 cups Dough - water for kneading ¼ Liter


  • Syrup Preparation : In a medium saucepan, put sugar from half a liter of water
  • Syrup Preparation: Add some saffron (small amount)
  • Syrup Preparation: When the syrup mixture begins to boil, add lemon juice
  • Syrup Preparation: Leave the syrup mixture to cool completely for at least 3 or 4 hours
  • Dough Preparation: In a medium-sized bowl, add the flour and semolina
  • Dough Preparation :Add yeast, salt and sugar
  • Dough Preparation : Mix all ingredients together
  • Dough Preparation :Heat the ghee over a medium heat, then add it to the ingredients
  • Dough Preparation :Mix the mixture a little using a silicone spoon, then mix the mixture well with your hand
  • Dough Preparation : Note: you must make sure that the ingredient are fully companied
  • Dough Preparation :Add water and continue kneading - note that you do not need to knead a lot, just until the ingredients are mixed (about a minute and a half)
  • Dough Preparation :Cover the dough to rest for 10 minutes
  • Dough Preparation : Cut the dough into fingers about 10 grams
  • Dough Preparation :Take each finger and roll it into a hollow roll using the grater
  • Dough Preparation :Once you have finished the quantity, you must fry it directly in hot oil
  • Dough Preparation :After placing Zainab's fingers in the hot oil for two minutes, put the frying pan on a medium heat
  • Dough Preparation : Note-Do not leave Zainab's fingers after rolling them so that they do not ferment and lose their texture when frying (fry them directly)
  • Dough Preparation : Tip: You can know that the dough is of the right consistency when it floats on the surface of the oil
  • When Zainab's fingers reach a golden color, take them out of the pan and put them in a plastic strainer until they rest.
  • Soak Zainab's fingers in the syrup for 15 minutes until all the syrup is absorbed


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