Ghana Abomu Recipe

    Ghana Abomu, a delectable West African dish, is made with kontomire. However, in America, Spinach is used as a substitute. Ghanaians typically include Kobi and eggs. I added extra meat to it for full enjoyment.



    Ghana Abomu

    Abomu is a delicious traditional food from Ghana, West Africa. It is made with kontomire.
    Prep Time 20 minutes
    Cook Time 1 hour
    Course Main Dish
    Cuisine Ghanaian


    • 2 packs fresh Spinach 
    • koobi fish "scented fish 
    • 1 large  red onion (chopped)
    • ½ cut  ginger
    • 3 habanero pepper 
    • 2 tablespoon palm oil
    • 4 plantains 
    • seasoning cube
    • peanuts 
    • kakao fish
    • baked mackerel fish  
    • smoked turkey
    • 4 eggs
    • avocados


    • Rinse Spinach first then boil until fully cooked
      2 packs fresh Spinach 
    • Add a small amount of koobi to the spinach while boiling. Keep an eye on the koobi not to fully cook
      koobi fish "scented fish 
    • Cut the onion in half, and slice half of the onions to cook with the palm oil. Then chop the other half to mash in an Asanka bowl with habanero and ginger
      1 large  red onion (chopped)
    • Take koobi from cooking Spinach and add to mashed veggies
    • After smoothly mashed together, remove from the Asanka bowl, and mash the fresh peanuts until nice and smooth
    • Add all mixed ingredients together, and sprinkle some shrimp maggie
      seasoning cube
    • After Spinach is fully cooked, drain out the water, then mash it in the Asanka separately until fully blended
    • Add the rest of the mixed vegetables and peanuts to the blended Spinach while using a spoon to mix it all together
    • Pour oil into a small pan and let it heat up. You then add the kakao and Kobi. Let it cook in the oil for at least a few minutes
      kakao fish
    • Add sliced onions, mixing in the oil to cook, making sure the oil doesn't dissolve
      2 tablespoon palm oil
    • Put your heat on medium as you add your smoked turkey to the cooking onions
      smoked turkey
    • Cut the plantains in half with the skin on
      4 plantains 
    • Boil plantain with eggs and add a small amount of salt. Boil the plantain for about 20-25 mins until fully cooked
      4 eggs
    • Drain out hot water and pour cold water on the plantain
    • While removing the skin, gently place the plantains in cold water until you are ready to serve
    • Remove eggs from cold water and peel off the shells
    • While palm oil is still hot, use a ladle to pour it on top of the Spinach
    • Gently place turkey and other fish on top of the spinach with the eggs
    • You then remove your plantains from cold water and place it separately on a plate with Avocado and enjoy
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