African Food Brands:Test Your Knowledge With This Quiz

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Africa is a rich continent with both raw materials and manufactured products. Today’s quiz features some popular brands and your test is to identify these African food brands correctly.

How well do you know African Food Brands

How Well Do You know African Food Brands

Welcome to today's quiz. How well do you think you know these African food brands?

Let's find out! click start on the quiz below

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This brand is known for its peanut butter and has become a favorite spread in Africa. What is the brand's name?

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This brand is a major producer of chocolates and snacks in Africa. What is the name of the brand?

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Which African brand is known for its wide range of spices and seasonings that add flavor to dishes?

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This brand produces a popular fruit juice in South Africa and is named after a well-known bird. What is the brand called?

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Which African coffee brand is globally recognized for its rich and distinctive flavors?

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This brand is famous for its instant noodles and is a well-known snack in Africa. What is the brand name?

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Which African food brand is known for its popular peri-peri sauce and grilled chicken dishes?

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