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Is it Really Safe to Eat on The Road?

 Eating on the road or even while travelling, do we really think it’s safe for us? Not asking if those food or snacks were made in an unkept environment. Is there anything that alarms  “summer” more than a few friends, a dusty car, and the open road?

What you should note while travelling!

1. Bring smart snacks.
Pill up your cooler with ice or mini freezer or cool packs and load it with plenty of nutritious, easy-to-eat snacks like low-sugar yogurt cups , string cheese, fresh fruit,homemade granula, cut-up veggies and hummus, healthy trail mix (keep track of portions to stay out of danger food accidents), unsalted nuts, dried seaweed snacks, or preservative-free meat jerky.

2. Choose water.
Bring a few reusable (BPA FREE) water bottles and fill ‘em up at every rest stop. If overnight lodgings include a freezer, chill bottles while you sleep for ice-cold H20 all day long. Avoid soda and creamy, sweet coffe drinks, which pack unnecessary sugar and fat.

3. Don’t forget the SPF.
No trucker burn here! Windshields and windows might keep the bugs out of the car, but they keep our skin safe from the sun.

4. Practice perfect posture.
Most importantly if driving for more than one day, comfort in the driver’s (or passenger’s) seat is essential. Make a perfect position and bring pillows and seat supportersto make the car seat as comfy (ergonomically correct) as possible. Sit up tall and take frequent breaks to roll the shoulders, stretch the neck, and realign posture.

Stay engaged at the wheel.
This is very important . Don’t just sit there like a bump on a log! It’s not exactly an hour-long cardio-fest, but but even when sitting  in traffic you can suck in the abs and squeeze the glutes to keep muscles working.

road-food6. Choose meals wisely.
There are only so many carrot sticks a person can eat before hankering for a real, hot meal. From fast food drive-ins to gas stations markets, road food is notoriously unhealthy.

7. Observe enough  rest.
Feeling dizzy while driving  isn’t just unpleasant; it’s very dangerous. Get off the road when feeling sleepy or alternate drivers to keep fresh eyes on the road at all times.

8. Keep the brain active.
What’s a road trip without a bumpin’ playlist and plenty of off-key singing at the top of your lungs? The tunes make the trip, but an audiobook or podcast can help pass the time when travel buddies are too tired for a sing-a-long. Everyone will learn something new, exercise their brains, and a bit of new knowledge or an interesting story will make the miles fly by.

9. Be flexible.
You should be very free and explore high level of flexibility, Unless scurrying cross-country to meet a specific deadline, factor in an extra day or two of travel time.

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