Fruit Salad

image source: dinneratthezoo

The idea of fruit salad is a delicacy on its own. Fruit salad which is a dish containing various kinds of fruits gives you the luxury of eating varieties of fruits in one bite. Fruit salad can be served as an appetizer or dessert. It can also be served as a side-salad.

Since fruit salad is made from various fruits, it means that it contains all the beneficial nutrients of every fruit contained in it. This makes fruit salad to have higher health benefits than each individual fruit contained in it. The health benefits of fruit salad Includes;

  1. Promotes Weigh Loss

Fruits are composed mainly of water and contain no calories. So, this makes it a excellent option for people who want to lose weight.

  1. High Fiber Content

Most fruits have high amount of fibers in them and fibers are very important in our diet. Fibers solve the problem of constipation and also cleanse your bowel. Fiber also reduces your risk of getting colon cancer.

  1. High Folic Acid Content

Folic acids are important for our red blood cells. Folic acids are also important during pregnancy for the healthy development of foetus. Fruits contain a good amount of folic acid, so, to get the benefits of folic acid, try adding fruit salad to your diet.

  1. High Energy Levels

Most fruits contain vitamins that can boost your energy and this is the main reason why people who exercise eat more of fruits. A decent fruit salad can give you energy similar to that of a boxer.

  1. Supplies Your Daily Vitamin and Mineral Needs

A typical fruit salad can satisfy your recommended daily intake of almost every vitamin and mineral essential for your body.

  1. High Antioxidant Content

Most fruits contain high levels of antioxidants which are responsible for destroying free radicals in our body. Free radicals are dangerous because they damage our cells and can lead to a number of different cancers. To reduce your risk of cancer, a plate of fruit salad daily will be an excellent option.

  1. Gives You Healthy Skin and Hair

Brightly coloured fruits contain several carotenoids which can reduce your skins sensitivity to the sun. The vitamin C present in fruits also helps to produce the enzyme collagen that strengthens the capillaries which supplies the hair shaft. This gives you a healthy skin and hair.

  1. Gives You A Healthy Immune System

The highest vitamin in fruit is vitamin C and vitamin C is very good for our immyne system. Lack of vitamin C can deteriorate your immune system and make you go sick. A daily dose of fruit salad is therefore essential to have a healthy immune system.

  1. Aids Easy Digestion

Consuming fruit salad helps to easily digest our food. Fruit salad also improves the health of our digestive system. This is attributed to the high fiber and potassium content and also because of the low fructose content. These nutrients improve the digestive system and make it perform better in digesting foods.

  1. Helps to Prevent Heart Diseases

Fruit salad help to maintain the cholesterol level in the body. This reduces the risk of heart diseases. Fruits are also very low in cholesterol and cannot cause an increment in your body cholesterol level. Choose fruit salad for a healthy heart.

  1. Gives You Healthy Eyes

Apple which is an important ingredient in fruit salad contains a high amount of vitamin A. Vitamin A protects the cornea and is an essential nutrient for good vision. Vitamin A also combines with the other antioxidants and vitamins in fruits to reduce the risk of vision loss. Vitamin A also helps to avoid eye inflammation.

  1. Reduce Risk of Anaemia

Fruit salad is rich in nutrient like iron, potassium and vitamin B6. These nutrients are beneficial for healthy blood circulation, as it increases the formation of red blood cells. Fruits also aid the synthesis of hemoglobin which makes them essential in preventing anaemia.

Fruit salad is very healthy for the body and it is far better than any junk food. Try replacing your daily junk food snacks with a fruit a fruit salad. Try to eat it fresh to obtain all the advantages associated with fruit salad. Remember that every fruit in a fruit salad has its own benefits so, combining them gives you a wider variety of benefits. Add fruit salad in your diet and notice the difference in your general body health.