Vegetables, Cooked vs Raw

    Raw vs cooked vegetables
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    A lot of people are under the impression that cooked vegetables have more calories than raw vegetables. In a sense, they are right: raw vegetables have fewer calories than cooked vegetables. This is because when you cook leafy vegetables, it shrinks, and you can therefore have more.

    But that’s measuring by volume. By weight, the calories are the same whether you eat your vegetables raw or cooked. It is the same with carrots and any other vegetables that can be eaten either way. It is good to eat your vegetables cooked as well as raw. There’s no calorie difference and no healthfulness gap, and cooking vegetables certainly extends the range and variety of tastes and textures you can enjoy.

    Cooked vegetables seem more filling and satisfying, more like real food, especially if they’re well-flavored.

    Cold, raw vegetables like lettuce leaves, sprouts, celery, and carrot sticks are not for everyone. In fact, even people who love the rabbit- food veggies find there’s only so much of them they can eat. So to the extent that cooked vegetables extend your vegetable options, they are a definite plus for weight loss.

    Eat as much as you want of vegetables, any way you want them; cooked or raw. Repeat this to yourself every time, as frequently as possible. Use your vegetables anyway you please. Use your vegetables in soups, stews, and so on. Marinate them, bake them, purée your vegetables, sauté them, stir fry them, chop them into slaw, grill them, roast them, fry them, I can go on and on. What I am trying to say in essence, is have your vegetables anyhow. They are nutritious in any form or manner.

    They are a vast number of soups you can make with vegetables. You can also have them as salads, served with sauces, dressings, condiments, spices and herbs.

    In summary, the war between cooked and raw vegetables is one that no one of them will win.

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