African Fruits And 5 New Ways You Can Enjoy Them

Amarachi Okike
Amarachi Okike
My name is Amarachi Okike, a content writer and lover of the African culture especially its traditional dishes.
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Before we get into the main topic, what are fruits? This article would be discussing about African fruits in general, the health benefits of fruits, the different types of fruits and lastly, just as the title says, we will be giving free, delicious, healthy, and new African methods of enjoying your fruits. There is no way you wouldn’t love these fruit dishes.

Africa is one of the most diverse continents when it comes to their dishes, not just their dishes, Africans are diverse and creative in almost everything that does but we are here to talk about the African food aspect.

Let’s take a few steps back and ask ourselves, what are fruits?

Importance of Eating Fruits

How Would You Describe A Fruit?

Fruits can easily be described as fleshy and sweet products of trees and other plants. As you know, fruits are gotten from plants, and some of them have seeds, while some of them don’t have seeds.

You have a general idea of what fruits might be, but do you know the nutritional values of these fruits that you enjoy almost every day?

Before we get into the nutritional benefits of fruits, let’s talk about the different kinds of African fruits that you might know and African fruits you might not know.

But here is a pretty interesting fact about fruits that everyone should know; Did you know that fruits have their different seasons of harvest?

This just means that there are certain periods or times in the year, where you would get to see  fruit, and there are also certain times periods in the year where some African fruits would not be so common.


Are you not fascinated by this? To read more about this fun fact, you can check out this article about different fruits and their seasons, here at the African Food Network.

Now, let us get back to the different types of African fruits.

There are so many types of African fruits, covering all the types of African fruits out there would lead to extra information that this article would not be able to contain.

But are we going to give you some interesting and healthy African fruits for you to learn about and get? Of course, we would, that is what the African food network is here for.

Let Us Get Into The Different Types Of African Fruits

Before we start to discuss the different types of African fruits out there, you should know that having these African fruits would be the best thing you can do for yourself and your general health. You don’t believe it?

Well, we will show you the different types of African fruits out there and the health benefits of these fruits.

But before we get into the specifics of the different types of African fruits out there, you should get familiar with the health benefits of these African fruits.

What Are The Health Benefits Of African Fruits?

Fruits are known to help the skin with acne and prevent sunburns that are caused due to harsh rays of the sun, to get more information about fruits that would help your skin glow, you can check out this article, here at African Food Network. 

Having fruits as part of your diet every day is like doing your body and mind a favor because you would be exposing yourself to several new and nourishing health benefits that your body needs.

As you know, there are so many nutrients that are required by the body to undergo some intense and important processes that would enable the human body to function better.

These nutrients can be gotten from different sources but one of the major sources of these nutrients is through feeding.

Feeding, in general, is very important for the body because the body literally cannot function well without food, but feeding, in general, is one thing, and feeding yourself the right kind of food is another thing.

This is enough reason to be adequately informed on the nutritional contents of what you eat, especially your fruits.

  • Fruits are known to have a high fiber content.
  • Fruits are known to be a great source of antioxidants.
  • Adequate intake of fruits will help in the improvements of the health, by boosting the immune system.
  • Fruits are known to contain flavonoids.
  • Proper intake of fruits can aid in the prevention of some diseases like cancer and several heart diseases.

There are so many ways to enjoy fruits but the most common way is eating the fruit fresh the way it is, or the way they are meant to be eaten, but what would do if we told you that you can leave the boring and old way of enjoying your favorite African fruits and enjoy these African fruits in a new and fun way?

Who doesn’t like something new? Don’t you want to get new and delicious flavors out of your favorite fruits? If you have been tired of enjoying your favorite African fruits the same old way, if you are looking for new, fun, and exciting ways to enjoy your African fruits, well, guess what? You are in the right place.

African food network will give you the best and fun ways to enjoy your African fruits and guess what? There is always a recipe for these tasty African fruit dishes waiting for you to try out and have the best time with.

African Fruits and Fun Ways to Enjoy Them

The first African fruit on this list of African fruits and fun ways to enjoy them is;


What do you know about this healthy and flavor-filled African fruit? Well, here is a little breakdown of guava and how you can enjoy this African fruit.

In simple terms, guava can be described as a super fruit, this is because of the amazing health benefits it possesses,

You have some idea of what this African fruit is but do you know the health benefits of this African fruit?

What Are the Health Benefits of Guava?

  • The African guava fruit is known to be a great helper in some aspects of health like the lowering of blood sugar levels.
  • African guava fruit is known to also aid in the improvement or boosting of the immune system.
  • This African fruit is said to be very good for the skin.
  • For painful menstrual cramps, this nutrient-filled African fruit is known to be a great aid in relieving of cramps.
  • This African fruit is also known to boost the health of the heart.

With these health benefits, it is hard not to want this nutrient-filled African fruit, imagine getting all these nutrients in your body, think of how healthy and happy you would be.

How can enjoy this African fruit (Guava)?

There are common ways of enjoying this African fruit but the African food network is here to tell you to come out of your boring feeding style and start getting creative with your food.

Guava Fruit
Guava Fruit

There are so many ways to enjoy some African food but there are also some fun and exciting ways to enjoy the African fruits that would make you happy and healthy while enjoying some new and tasty flavors.

The first method of enjoying this delicious African fruit (Guava) is;

Guava jam

Just like the name says, this is an amazing way to enjoy your fruit, and guess what? You can enjoy your guava jam with anything you love, allowing you to mix flavors and get different tastes and nutrients. Isn’t this amazing?

The process for making this delicious Guava jam is pretty simple, you just need a few ingredients and materials to get you started.

  • African Guava Fruit
  • Sugar
  • Water
  • Citric Acid (optional)

You can enjoy your tasty and nutrient-filled guava jam with anything of your choice, this is where your creativity comes out to play, feel free, have some fun with it, and believe when we say that you would not regret this experience.

You can check out the recipe for this amazing African guava fruit jam, you would not regret it.

Another way of enjoying your delicious and nutrient-filled African fruit (Guava) is a very popular dessert in South Africa, and it is called;

Guava Tart (Koejaweltert)

This is a very tasty and sweet snack, so if you have been looking for some African dessert that you can use to keep your mouth busy, while you nourish your body and general health, you have found the perfect African dessert for you.

To easily describe this delicious dessert for you in simple words, Guava tart is a sandwich, which also has a tropical and tasty guava custard in-between the slices of a Swiss roll, then a layer of unbaked cheesecake. This combination alone gives you a Guava tart, otherwise, known as Koejaweltert in South Africa.

You would need a few ingredients for the preparation of this tasty Guava dish, don’t worry, the African food network has got you covered.

Let us take a look at the ingredients and materials used for the preparation of this delicious African guava fruit dish (Guava tart);

  • Custard powder
  • Lemon juice
  • Cream cheese
  • Milk
  • Guava (In syrup)
  • Swiss roll

African Star Apple

African star apple, also known as Agbalumo or Udara, is a very popular African fruit found in West Africa, especially Nigeria.

This tasty and nutrient-filled African fruit is something you are going to have to try for yourself to understand the beauty and elegance of this African fruit.

What Are the Health Benefits of African Star Fruit?

It is expected that this African fruit has its health benefits and we are going to take a little sneak peek into the health benefits of African Star Apple;

  • The African star fruit (Agbalumo or Udara) is known to help in the prevention and treatment of toothache.
  • This delicious African fruit is known to help in the prevention of mouth gum diseases.
  • African star fruit helps in weight loss.
  • It is said that Agbalumo (Udara) is great for expecting mothers (Pregnant women).
  • The African star fruit is known to be a natural antioxidant.
  • African star fruit (Agbalumo or Udara) is rich in vitamin C.

African Star Apple

Don’t you want to know the different ways you can enjoy this tasty African star fruit (Agbalumo or Udara)?

The first new method of enjoying the African star fruit is; African fruit salad

This is the combination of several African fruits in a bowl to give a salad. To know more about African salads, you can check out other articles here at the African food network.

Don’t you want to know new and exciting ways you can enjoy the tasty and healthy African star fruit? Let us have a look into that;

One of the popular ways of enjoying this African star fruit is usually done by making an African star fruit smoothie.

This smoothie is also known as African star fruit drink or Agbalumo drink, this Agbalumo drink is highly nutritional, and having it on the menu, a few days in a week would do wonders for you.

To prepare this tasty African star fruit drink (Agbalumo drink), you would need a few ingredients, and they are;

  • Honey
  • Water
  • Sugar
  • Ginger powder
  • African star fruits (Agbalumos or Udaras)

There are other ways to enjoy African tar fruit (Agbalumo) like;

  • Agbalumo Chutney
agbalumo-African fruits
image from:

This is a mix of meat and herbs, a few of the types of meat and herbs that can be used in the preparation of Agbalumo chutney are; calabash nutmeg (also known as pepper soup spice), chicken, and some other interesting spices.

Others are;

  • Agbalumo vinegar
  • Agbalumo banana ice-cream
  • Agbalumo carrot cake
  • Agbalumo cream puffs
  • Agbalumo tea
  • Dried Agbalumo


What would you say is tamarind? Have you heard of the health benefits of this African fruit? Well, let us start with what you think Tamarind is.

Tamarind is a fruit that is quite popular in most countries in Africa and India. The products of the tamarind tree can easily be mistaken for a grain. This is because of the resemblance the fruit has with beans pods. Some would say the tamarind tree produces “bean-like seeds” that are usually surrounded by a pulp that is highly rich in fiber.

To easily describe the pulp of this tasty African fruit, you can say it is sour and green. As the ripening process begins to make progress, the pulp begins to get juicy and starts to take a paste form, and the taste begins to then improve to sweet-sour.

Did you know that tamarind is often referred to as the date of India, this is because they also share some physical attributes to the fruit of the African date.


What Are the Health Benefits of Tamarind?

  • Tamarind is known to have so many great health benefits, but one of the most common health benefits of tamarind is the antioxidant content it possesses.
  • Tamarinds are known to be anti-inflammatory.
  • Tamarinds can help in the prevention of some diseases, like cancer, and heart disease.
  • According to, tamarinds are known to help lower blood sugar levels.
  • The pulp extract in tamarinds may help in weight loss.

You have seen a few different types of African fruits, and you have seen fun and exciting new ways for you to have the best experience with your African fruits, what is stopping you from trying these in your free time?

Are you feeling like, you don’t have the proper cooking skills to get started on these tasty African fruit dishes? The only way to know if you are good at cooking is by doing some actual cooking.

Where is the best place for you to try out your cooking skills? Here, at the African food network, where there are enough easy and helpful recipes to help you and put you on the right track of your cooking journey.

A Few Other African Fruits You Should Try

There are so many African fruits you should try, and you are going to get a few, ensure you try to have fun with these tasty and nutrient-filled African fruits.

  • Banana
  • Orange
  • African mangoes: You can check out this recipe for African mango salad here.
  • Peach
  • Ackee
  • Black plum
  • Coconut
  • Dates

Give Us Your Feedback On These Different Ways to Enjoy African Fruits

dates-African fruits
image from:

If you are willing to try these new and fun methods of enjoying African fruits, do let us know how it was for you, and what your favorite part of the preparation process was your favorite.

If you have already tried these tasty and nutrient-filled methods of enjoying African fruits, let us know how you made it, or where you got it from.

What were your favorite African fruits, and do you have your recipes and methods of enjoying these African fruits? Let us know everything.

Remember, the African food network is here to cater to all your needs that have anything to do with everything African food, fruits, snacks, drink, and so many more.

African Food Network gives you the opportunity to be creative with your food and allows you to explore several types of African food around the continent.

The food experience is something everyone should be glad to be a part of, and that is what we give you, the best food experience.

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Amarachi Okike
Amarachi Okike
My name is Amarachi Okike, a content writer and lover of the African culture especially its traditional dishes.

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