African Food Trade Quiz

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Take this African Food Trade quiz and find out how much you know.

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African Food Trade Quiz

Do you know the food that were traded between Africa and the west during the “slave trade era?” Find out how much you know, with this fun and educative quiz.

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This African food item, commonly used as a thickening agent, was traded with the West and became a significant ingredient in various dishes:

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“Biltong" is a dried and cured meat product that has its roots in Africa and was traded with the West. What type of meat is traditionally used to make biltong?

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"Jollof rice" is a popular dish in West African countries and made its way to the Americas during the slave trade. Which region of West Africa is often credited with the origin of Jollof rice?

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This leafy vegetable, known for its high nutritional value, was traded from Africa to the West during the slave trade era

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The slave trade facilitated the introduction of this African fruit to the Americas and the Caribbean, where it became a significant part of the cuisine

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Which of the following African foods were commonly traded with the West during the slave trade era?

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Which African region was known for exporting large quantities of palm oil to the West during the slave trade era?

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This popular African spice was highly sought after by European traders during the slave trade era

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"Fufu" is a staple food in several African countries and was introduced to the West during the slave trade era. What is "fufu" typically made from?

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