11 Interesting Facts About Beans You Would Love

Before we get started, do you know what beans are? You don’t, well, let us jog up that memory of yours.

Everyone should have an idea of what Beans are, well if you don’t know what kind of beans is, then you are in the right place because this is an article on interesting facts about Beans.

If you already know what Beans are, well, we are here to tell you some interesting facts about beans that we bet you didn’t know.

Isn’t this exciting? Learning new things about food that you didn’t know before, is what you get for visiting Afrifoodnetwork.com. You get the best facts about food, you get to explore your options with food, you get to be creative with food by also learning interesting facts about the food you eat every day.

At you ready to dig deeper into the world of Beans? Here we go!

Beans are one of the most popular grains right after rice and it is popular for their renowned health benefits.

Beans are a meal always recommended for its great healing content, but we will get into that later in this article.

Did you know there are different types of Beans? Bet you didn’t. There are so many types of beans, they are even too many to list in this article but we are still going to give a little sneak peek into this world of countless types of beans.

In this article, you are also going to learn new and interesting facts about beans that would have you ask questions like “are these true? Is this the beans I eat or is this some type of beans?”

African food network is here to tell you, yes! The popular grain called beans is a magic food for your body and your soul.

Getting into this article you are going to get familiar with some African beans dishes that you should give a try because they would not only taste delicious, they would also nourish your body, providing you with adequate nutrients that your body needs.

You would also know some interesting health benefits of Beans, types of beans and disadvantages of beans. Yes, disadvantages.

Everything with an advantage has its disadvantages, that is enough reason why you should always take your moderation into consideration.

Too much if everything has its consequences, would you rather have so much fun till you can’t feel anymore, or would you enjoy every moment with hopes of coming back to that moment again happy and ready to explore.

Make your choice wisely as you get into this bit of the article that talks about the health benefits of Beans.

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Whainteresting facts about beanst Do You Know About Beans?

This section of this article of interesting facts about beans is going to be for the facts, so let us get right into the interesting facts about be

  • Interesting Facts About Beans 1: Did you know that most beans grow in capsules or pods that eventually develop into flowers?
  • Interesting Facts About Beans 2: Did you know that the nutrients in beans differ from wax beans to green beans, where the entire pod is consumed?
  • Interesting Facts About Beans 3:  Did you know that the type of beans, Dried beans need to be properly cooked? cooking of the beans makes the beans tender and ready for you to enjoy.

Health Benefits of Beans

If you don’t didn’t know the saying that goes “what is a great meal without great health benefits?” then you are not ready to get through this article.

Beans are another great food with so many health benefits, it’s almost hard to find a reason not to eat beans.

It can literally be enjoyed in any way you love, and you would be blessing your body with health benefits that would leave you healthy, fit, and happy.

It would be unfair if you weren’t aware of the health benefits of this amazing dish called beans.

So here you go, African food network is here to save the day again with these great health benefits of beans;

  • Interesting Facts About Beans 4:

The Protein content in beans is good for you.

Protein is one of the main nutrients that are contained in Beans, and having beans at a regular amount would leave your body happy and smiling.

The protein content in Beans helps in body repair; beans also contain amino acids, which helps in the development of proteins or you might call it “protein building blocks”.

These protein building blocks are used by the body to help in the fixing and production of tissues like; Bones, hair, skin, muscle, and blood.

  • Interesting Facts About Beans 5:

Did you know protein helps in the growth of your hair? Well, here’s how.

The amino acids that are present in proteins which are also found in Beans help in the building of proteins that the body needs to function, and part of the functions of these proteins are for your hair growth.

So if you want longer hair, there’s no need to look for chemicals that will damage the scalp and texture of your beautiful hair, just eat Beans.

  • Interesting Facts About Beans 6:

Beans contain folate.

Seems like you are yet to be convinced with these interesting facts about beans, we will keep going until you were fully convinced that beans are the African dish for you.

There are several amounts of vital nutrients that are contained in Beans and folate is one of them.

What is Folate?

Folate can be considered to be an essential nutrient known to aid in the production of red blood cells, it is also known to help in the prevention of neural tube defects which is common with the fetus during pregnancy.

In summary, Folate is an essential nutrient that is very important to general health.

To get this very important nutrient, you don’t have to look too far, all you need is a few cups of beans, a recipe, and some enthusiasm to get you started on your journey to a healthy and happy life.

Isn’t this exciting? How can one African dish be this rich in nutrients? Well, that’s beans for you.

  • Interesting Facts About Beans 7:

 Did you know that a 1-cup serving of shelled edamame beans provides the body with 482micrograms of folate? (According to healthline.com).

  • Interesting Facts About Beans 8: 

Beans are known to be a great source of antioxidants.

To know more about antioxidants, you can check out this article about Antioxidants

To let you in on the secrets of Antioxidants; They are known to fight the free radicals, these chemicals that are produced by the human body during some processes like metabolism and others.

What Are Free Radicals?

Free radicals are known to cause cell damages which can eventually lead to several diseases. Now, this is where beans come to play.

The antioxidants that are contained in Beans help the body in the removal of these damaging free radicals.

In other words, Beans which are a great source of Antioxidants, help in the fighting of free radicals, giving your body the protection from diseases that you need.

Do you still need more convincing on the power of Beans? Let’s keep going on this list of interesting facts about beans, and you would see why beans should be at the top of your list of favorite foods.

Do you want more options for foods that contain Antioxidants? You can check out them out here at afrifoodnetwork.com.

  • Interesting Facts About Beans 9:

Did you know that beans help with the development of heart health?

According to healthline.com people who consume beans are less likely to die of a heart attack or other cardiovascular diseases.

Another interesting fact about beans is that it is also known to lower cholesterol, this is good news because high cholesterol is capable of putting you at risk of heart disease or heart attack.

To develop your health and give you the confidence that you are eating the right things, beans should be eaten in your daily life not just because of their great taste, but also because of their undeniable health benefits.

  • Interesting Facts About Beans 10:
  • Beans help reduce the risk of cancer

As you already know, Beans is a great source of antioxidants, but what you didn’t know is that it is also an anti-inflammatory agent.

This action carried out by the Antioxidants in the beans helps to reduce the risk of cancer.

Did you know that black beans have the highest antioxidant activity?

Well, now you know, so what are you waiting for now.

  • Interesting Facts About Beans 11:

Did you know there are so many types of beans?

It is only right for a food that is as tasty and healthy as beans to have different types, it only gives you the freedom to choose your favorite out of many, and even allows you to explore the different types of beans there are.

This article might not be able to cover all the different types of beans, but we didn’t say you wouldn’t know a good amount of the different types of beans that are out there.

So here we go;

What are the different types of beans?

  • Black-eyed beans
  • Soybeans
  • Kidney beans
  • Lima beans
  • Black beans
  • Garbanzo beans
  • Pinto beans
  • Navy beans
  • Pinto beans
  • Red beans

What are the disadvantages of beans?

You are already familiar with the advantages and health benefits of beans, but are you aware of the disadvantages of this food?

There are not many disadvantages of beans, but there is one common disadvantage;

Beans are known to cause intestinal discomfort and gas.

These are not so bad, so you are safe from gross harm with beans. Now this one disadvantage should not scare you, think of all the other great health benefits and see why beans are the best option for you and your health.

Different Beans Dishes You Would Love

With all these health benefits of beans, you would be tempted to try a few rice dishes, just to satisfy, not just your curiosity about this delicious and healthy dish, but also to satisfy you.

There are several rice dishes and ways of being creative with your beans. What other continent for you know with such creativity with art in general and their food? Africa of course.

There are several African beans dishes, sitting there, just waiting for you to enjoy and play around with.

Don’t worry, we have got you covered, you are going to get familiar with the different Beans dishes that you would instantly fall in love with. Are you ready?

There are different ways of preparing beans, so many different ways for you to choose from, if you don’t like one, you can always choose another method of preparation or dish, and still get the right amount of nutrients that your body needs, and you would also get satisfied and happy.

The First Beans Dish is;

Moi Moi (Baked Beans)

This dish is the first on this list for a good reason, a reason you would understand only when you try it.

This Beans dish is tender and soft and can be enjoyed in different ways, you can either eat it with any food of your choice, or you can eat it alone and still get the whole experience.

This dish is prepared by blending or grinding the beans with other ingredients used for the preparation process, some of the ingredients used for the preparation process for this dish are;

  • Pepper
  • Onions
  • Crayfish (Optional)
  • Boiled fish
  • Boiled eggs
  • Brown beans

These ingredients are blended till it is in a paste form. To get the recipe for this delicious meal, you are going to have to check out the recipe here at the African food network.

There are so many different ways you can enjoy your Moi Moi, but to give you some insight on how to go about it, here are a few ideas;

  • Moi Moi and bread
  • Moi Moi and jollof rice
  • Moi Moi, white rice and goat meat stew
  • Moi Moi and groundnut
  • Moi Moi and yam
  • Moi Moi and Waakye rice

The second Beans Dish is;


Image from MyActiveKitchen

You cannot have a list of Beans dishes without Akara on the list, this dish is the best thing about beans.

The preparation process for this dish is similar to Moi Moi, the difference is the cooking method.

The Beans batter is fried instead of boiled in this case, but to see more on the recipe of this delicious meal, you should check it out here at; Afrifoodnetowork.com.

Here are a few ingredients used to prepare this dish;

  • Cooking oil
  • Beans
  • Pepper
  • Salt
  • Seasoning cubes
  • Fish (optional)

The third dish on this list of Beans dishes is a must-try, if you are yet to try this dish, you should go back and check out the recipe for the dish and get to cooking right now.

The Third Beans Dish on This List is;

Waakye rice

Is this your first time reading about this dish? Do you want to know more about Waakye rice? You can read more about the dish and other Ghanaian dishes here at the African food network.

Wanke Rice and Fish
Image from LocalGuidesConnect

This African dish is a combination of rice, beans, and a secret magic ingredient.

This dish is a rice dish that everyone should try, you can gain a few things from the health benefits of this dish, or you can benefit just the great taste.

As earlier mentioned, there is a secret ingredient in this dish, and it is the Sorghum leaves, to learn more about the secret behind sorghum leaves and the amazing beans dish, you can check out this article here at Afrofoodnetwork.com.

The Fourth Beans Dish on This List is;

Beans Porridge and Yam

The name of this dish has given it away, it is a porridge that consists of beans and yam as the main ingredients.

If you are looking for a healthy lunch to have, this is the African dish for you.

The Fifth Beans Dish On This List Is;

White Rice, Goat Meat Stew, and Beans

This African dish is pretty simple because you are boiling the beans and having it on the side of the rice and stew, which is fabulous when you try it.

You would be surprised by the health benefits you would be getting from this delicious meal. To get the recipe for this delicious African dish, you can always get the recipe here at the African food network.

The Sixth Beans Dish on This list is;

Beans and Plantain

With the tenderness and juiciness of the plantain and the softness of the beans, this combination is something you just cannot miss out on. The taste of the mix of these two will have you begging for more, so what are you waiting for? Get cooking right now!

There are other ways you can also enjoy beans with plantain, you can mix it with rice and many other dishes. Is this not amazing?

The Seventh Beans Dish on This list is;

Ewa Agoyin

Do you know that saying about saying the best for the last? Well, we seem to have found ourselves in that position because this is the best African beans dish you would ever have.

Ewa Agoyin and Agege Bread
Image from cookpad

Except for the fact that it is mandatory to make this dish seem delicious, it is delicious, Ewa Agoyin is delicious.

It is that meal you are just going to have to try out for yourself to see the magic it possesses.

For food this delicious, there are a few ingredients required for the preparation, and they are;

  • Beans
  • Pepper
  • Palm oil
  • Salt
  • Seasoning
  • Bread (optional)

Do you now see how beans are the best meal you would have? Its great health benefits are something your body, soul, and mind need to function properly.

Do you need a recipe for this dish? Don’t look too far, there is always one right here for you at the African food network.

Ensure you give these delicious beans dishes a try, why else would you be here if you are not looking for new, fun, and exciting food experiences to try? Well, here you go, have fun with these delicious dishes.

Enjoy Your Healthy and Happy Life with Beans

You have seen for yourself the magical wonders of beans? Do you now see why it should be part of your daily meal, eaten just at the right amount?

Beans is a very delicious meal that has enough varieties for you to choose from, and it can also be cooked in different ways, just for you to get the most and the best out of this delicious meal.

Hope you were able to learn a few interesting facts about beans from this article, and you were able to see reasons why you should have this meal at least once a week.

Were you impressed by these interesting facts about beans? Do you want to know other interesting facts about other types of food? You can check out some more here at the African food network.

If you are yet to try this delicious and healthy dish, and you were looking for a reason to try this delicious dish, this is your sign, you can always try new beans dishes, and you can get the recipes for these delicious beans dishes here at the African food network.

If you have tried beans before, well, now you have even more beans dishes to have fun with, all you need is to check out some fun recipes here for you to be creative with.

Let us know how your favorite beans dish, why do you like the beans dish?

Have fun experiencing and trying out new things with your food, it is always a thrill learning about food, so as you try out these new beans dishes and you learn more about your food, let us know how your experience is going.

Don’t forget to wear a huge smile on your face, drink a lot of water, be creative and expressive, and have a nice week!



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