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Sweet potato juice is an uncommon juice in our society. Most people have no knowledge of it, while others will decide against drinking it. But this particular sweet potato juice is unique, delicious and is packed with wonderful nutrient options. Sweet potato juice should be produced using a special cultivar of sweet potato called Orange Fleshed Sweet Potato.

Juice can be described as a drink made by extracting the natural liquids contained in fruits and vegetables. Juices can also be referred to as liquids that are flavoured with other biological food sources such as meat, certain carbohydrates and seafoods. Juice is commonly used as a beverage.

Orange fleshed sweet potato is a specie of sweet potato. It is a special type of biofortified sweet potato. Biofortification enhances the nutritional value of staple food crops by increasing the density of vitamins and minerals in the crop. This biofortification is done through biotechnology or agronomic pratices. It is rich in beta carotene which is an excellent source of vitamin A. It is also high in fibre and magnesium which helps to improve digestion. It is made up of adequate amounts of complex starch, vitamins and some amounts of protein and can be a good source of food for weight gain. It also has anti inflammatory properties and is rich in antioxidants. Orange fleshed sweet potato is capable of warming up the body. This may be due to their sweetness and other nutrients that impact body temperature. It is also high in vitamin B and zinc which are important in managing arthritis. It is also beneficial for people suffering from bronchitis.

Orange fleshed sweet potato can also help to prevent constipation which may lead to acid formation. In preventing acid formation, ulcer is avoided. They are fat free and cholesterol. The rich colour of orange fleshed sweet potato is a visual indication of the high levels of beta carotene. They help strengthen eye sight and boost our immunity to diseases. They are powerful antioxidants that help ward off cancer amd protect against aging.

The nutritional benefits of orange fleshed sweet potato are numerous and making it into a juice will prevent loss of nutrient during processing.



  • Medium sized orange fleshed sweet potato
  • One large carrot
  • One lime
  • Two large oranges


– ย Boil the orange fleshed sweet potato in water for 15minutes. After boiling, drain the water and peel off the potato skin.

– Cut the potato into small bits and grind into a purry using a blender. Add water while blending to obtain an appropriate ย purry consistency.

– Cut the carrot into small bits and blends in a blender. Sieve out the carrot juice using a strainer or muslin clothe.

– Squeeze out the lime juice.

– Squeeze out the orange juice.

– When you have obtained the sweet potato purry, carrot juice, lime juice and orange juice, stir the juices thoroughly in a bowl and serve out in glasses.

Note: For the best flavour, remove peel and pith from the citrus fruit before juicing.

Although orange fleshed sweet potato is often juiced for its nutrients, it is also a source of subtle creaminess in terms of both flavour and texture. They can also be eaten as snacks.