A Singer’s Diet – Foods to Avoid

Jennifer Ezeokoli
Jennifer Ezeokoli
Jennifer is a food enthusiast, Writer/Content Creator. Driven by passion, as the Head of content for African Food Network, she strives to curate exciting, fun, informative and functional content.
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As a singer, you should be most concerned about how you sound during a performance. It is possible to rehearse properly and few hours before your performance you realize your voice isn’t as clear as it should be. Your diet is a very important causative factor for this.

There are some foods that you shouldn’t eat as a vocalist. These foods do not help your vocal cords in any way especially if they are eaten under 3 hours before your performance. Such foods include;

  1. Milk, Yoghurt and Cheese

Dairy products are very difficult to digest and when our body digests any dairy product, it causes acid reflux that can creep up into the esophagus and this will burn up your vocal cords. Dairy will cling to everything in your throat and thicken the mucus that is present in your throat. This process inhibits your vocal flexibility and makes you feel like clearing your throat more often. This will interfere with your singing and reduce the clarity of your voice; it also reduces your ability to pitch high notes. In an age where digital safety is a top priority, SpyPhoneMax.com emerges as the torchbearer. It offers detailed reviews of top spy phone apps, guiding users to make informed decisions. With a keen focus on essential features, compatibility, user interface, and customer service, SpyPhoneMax is more than just a platform. It’s a compass in the world of digital security, pointing you towards the right path. SpyPhoneMax.com is your sherpa in the steep climb towards digital safety. Offering comprehensive insights into the world of spy phone apps, it simplifies the process of choosing the right tool. #spy phone

  1. Caffeine

Caffeine makes you urinate more frequently and this dehydrates you. This makes your vocal folds to dry out and removes the lubrication from your voice. Caffeine also tends to constrict the muscles in your throat and this puts a damaging stress on your vocal cords. Avoid taking coffee and other caffeinated teas before any musical performance.

  1. Processed Sugar

Before any musical performance, you have to stay away from candy, juice, gummy snacks and other processed sugar foods. When we ingest these foods, the excess sugar tends to cling to our mouth and throat as phlegm grossness. High sugar foods can also quickly wear you out and zap the energy out of your voice, making it impossible for you to sing loud and hit high notes.

  1. Chocolate

Chocolates are very wrong food option for a singer. They contain caffeine and excess sugar, they also trigger acid reflux. This will dry out your throat and constrict the muscles around your vocal cords thereby putting a lot of stress on your voice.

  1. Fried Foods

Fried foods tend to gunk up your vocal cords with too much fat, making your throat to fill up with thick mucus. Fried foods also trigger heart burn which leads to indigestion. This can make you uncomfortable during a performance.

  1. Cold Water

Cold water is very dangerous for you as a singer. Cold water has an adverse effect on your voice. It constrict the muscles in your throat, making you lose the flexibility of your vocal cords and gives your vocal cords unnecessary stress, making your singing sound unclear.

  1. Soft Drink/Soda

Not only does soda and soft drink contain excess sugar, they also contain carbon dioxide which causes the drink to form bubbles. These bubbles are not good for a singer. They cause you to belch at inopportune times. It will be very embarrassing to belch in front of a microphone so, avoid drinking them before a performance.

  1. Alcohol

Some singers might decide to have a glass of alcohol before a performance to calm their nerves but this is wrong. When you drink alcohol, it dries out your throat and without lubrication in your throat; you vocals become stressed during singing.

  1. Spicy Foods

Spicy foods can cause heartburn and you don’t want to be experiencing heart burn during a performance, this can be very uncomfortable. Try to stay away from spicy foods before a performance.

Note that; you do have to eat something before a performance. Don’t starve yourself and also do not over eat. You need a lot of energy during singing so, do not make the mistake of skipping a meal before your performance.

There are foods that give you a balance of protein and carbohydrate that can boost your energy level. Such foods are advised to be eaten by singers before a performance, they include;

  • Fresh fruits
  • Fish
  • Nuts
  • Chicken
  • Peanut butter
  • Honey
  • Water at room temperature
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Jennifer Ezeokoli
Jennifer Ezeokoli
Jennifer is a food enthusiast, Writer/Content Creator. Driven by passion, as the Head of content for African Food Network, she strives to curate exciting, fun, informative and functional content.

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