6 Popular African Food Bloggers Every Foodie Should Know.

Debbie Obierika
Debbie Obierika
I am a versatile writer with passion for curating interesting and thrilling content that wll keep my readers glued to their screen.
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There are Food bloggers as a foodie interested in African cuisine that you must know and follow because they give you premium tea with the best and easiest recipes.

Food Bloggers in Africa need to be appreciated so much more as it is not an easy feat. in times past, most parts of the world did not think or find African food exciting. This mentality has since been changed by several African Food bloggers who decided to change the narrative and the perception of other nations toward African food and culture. In this piece, we will highlight 6 African Food bloggers everyone needs to follow and know about.As a sure foodie gang member, you should keep reading.

Who are Food Bloggers?

Food Bloggers
Food Bloggers

Food bloggers are people who curate written and visual content on food.

It could be recipes, cookbooks, cooking shows, cooking tips, food, and kitchen hacks

 Food bloggers are also known as authors of food blogs.

Why do We need Food Bloggers?

Most people think that they do not need food bloggers, but they are very helpful with

  • Providing New recipes 
  • They help improve your cooking or baking skills 
  • They provide cooking tips you probably would not have thought off
  • Help you explore other cultures’ foods without having to travel.

Popular Food Bloggers in Africa

There are a lot of food bloggers in Africa, who have carved a niche for themselves in different regions of Africa and specialize in delicacies that are nutritious and highly sort after globally. In this article, we will be listing 6 of them.

Chef Lola’s Kitchen

Food Bloggers Chef Lola
Chef Lola

Chef Lola’s Kitchen is one of such food bloggers from the western part of Africa, Nigeria to be precise. 

If you need to sleep on for everything African food and recipes this is a food blogger to check out. She specializes in Nigerian food.

Chef Lola is said to have started her food blogger career five years ago, she curates written content and videos from Orange County in the United States of America. 

She shares creative, family-friendly recipes rooted in her African heritage. 

Her recipes are easy to make and you do not need chef skills to put them to use.

Immaculate Bites

Food Bloggers Immaculate Bites
Immaculate Bites

Immaculate Bites is a Cameroonian and one of the popular food bloggers in Africa who creates food and recipe content around African, Caribbean, and Southern cuisines.

She started her cooking career at a young age, cooking for family and friends.

She started her website in 2014 naming it African Bites, but it was later renamed Immaculate Bites. 

She showcases different recipes from diverse cultures in Africa to communities in America. 

She shares these amazing cooking tips and recipes from Los Angeles, California in the United States of America.

Sisi Yemmie

Food Bloggers Sisi Yemmie
Sisi Yemmie

Sisi Yemmie is a Nigerian and one of the renowned food bloggers who have made her mark in the food industry with her sensational meals.

She started her food blogger career in 2011, and in 2018  she was profiled by CNN as one of the women “who have struck social media gold” alongside Linda Ikeji.

Her blog is a one-stop shop where she shares recipes, cooking tips, kitchen hacks as well as restaurant reviews.

She has several cookbooks and recipe books. 

She also creates easy African timetables and recipes for families and students and most people find it relatable as thinking of what to eat daily can be a herculean task.

She curates written and visual recipes and also has a Youtube channel that showcases so many recipes and meal ideas.

She is definitely one of the African food bloggers you should check out.

African Food Network

Food Bloggers African Food Network
Afri Food Network

African Food Network, popularly known as Afri food network is a website dedicated to African food and lifestyle.

We can call them Food bloggers as there is almost no African recipe you are looking for that cannot be found on this site.

This site was launched in 2017, in Abuja Nigeria’s Federal Capital Territory by Kevin Eze.

It started as a regular website with just 50 recipes and now has one of the biggest food recipe directories for African food with over 500 recipes.

It was created to help redefine the world’s view of African cuisines, chefs, and traditional cooks.

For everything African Food, the Afri Food Network blog is one website that houses recipes curated from across all the regions of Africa on the website.

Jikoni Magic

Food Bloggers Jikoni Magic
Jikoni Magic

Jikoni Magic is a Kenyan cook and host of the hugely popular Kenyan TV show “Let’s Cook”.

She enjoys sharing recipes with the world and the name of her blog is coined from the Swahili word for Kitchen.

She believes that the transformation of ingredients into easy home-cooked recipes is a magical process. 

She hopes to showcase her African heritage through her cooking.

Miriam Malaquias

Food Bloggers Miriam
Miriam Malaquias

Miriam Malaquias is a Tanzanian cook, amongst the popular food bloggers and an author.

She is the first Tanzanian to have a website dedicated to Tanzanian food, which is quite record-breaking.

She started her blog in 2004. She is a Bantu native of Tanzania who lives in the United States.

If you are looking for amazing East African recipes and African-inspired recipes, you should check out and follow Miriam.

Africa is blessed with a lot of food bloggers and they are changing the perception of the western world towards the African continent, its food, recipes, cooks, and chefs. 

There are several upcoming chefs, food bloggers and food influencers fom Africa and they are doin a fantastic job showcasing our rich culture through food.

Let us know in the comments who  your favourite food bloggers are and we will probably do another piece.

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Debbie Obierika
Debbie Obierika
I am a versatile writer with passion for curating interesting and thrilling content that wll keep my readers glued to their screen.

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