Water melon as we do hear, what do we really know about it? Watermelon can have a relaxing effect on some of the body’s blood vessels without using any drugs. Watermelon can even increase sperm count and improve libido in men who eat it regularly. The sperm concentration and motility of men who ate watermelon regularly was also greatly improved over those that did not. The reason for the great effects? Phytonutrients. Citrulline is the name of the crucial phytonutrient that is in watermelon that is responsible for all of these positive effects. Citrulline helps the body’s blood vessels to relax, much like Viagra does. This allows for greater male sexual performance. When it is consumed, Citrulline has an added benefit: it converts to arginine, which is a very important amino acid that has been known to boost sperm count in men.


The benefits here is that, While these fertility benefits are great for men, watermelon contains even more benefits that are not just for men. Doctors even say that deep red watermelon can replace the tomato as the 1 best source of lycopene. While watermelon is around 92 percent water, the remaining 8 percent is stuffed full of great nutrients and ingredients that have a ton of health benefits. Lycopene has great effects for both men and women, helping everything from the heart to the skin.

Whatn you should do

water-melonEat, eat, eat! As much watermelon as you can, eat it up! The benefits of watermelon are so vast, doctors, scientists and researchers everywhere are singing it’s praises. Plus, at only 50 calories for a cup full, you won’t have to feel any guilt at all when chowing down on this healthy fruit. Just doing a quick web search can give you a ton of ideas and recipes for how to fit watermelon in your diet morning, noon and night. Ask your doctor if he or she has any advice on watermelon and it’s effects