5 Best African Food YouTube Channels

Deborah Olayiwola
Deborah Olayiwola
Deborah is a content marketing specialist, with a passion for the food niche, she writes engaging content that celebrates the joy of food and its power to bring people together. Having worked on different projects. Her curiosity and creativity shines through in her writing.
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As a food enthusiast, I love learning and practicalizing new recipes. Food blogs like African Food Network and  African food youtube channels are one of my go-to’s; blogs explain in detail all you need to know about the recipe and step-by-step instructions, and beyond recipes, they also provide food-related content you can explore and get the insight you need about any meal while Youtube channels further give a visual representation of the recipes and how to make them. 

If you’ve got a taste for adventure and a love for exploring diverse cuisines just like me, you’re in for a treat! Let’s explore the top African food Youtube channels

Today, we’re visiting Youtube to see the top chefs that give us delightful experiences with African meals; this vibrant community of creators dishes out some seriously delicious content. From traditional recipes passed down through generations to modern twists that’ll have the taste buds dancing, these top 5 African food YouTube channels are a treasure trove of culinary wonders.

One of the best things about these channels is that they don’t just focus on the food; they also take you on a journey into the heart of African culture. It’s like experiencing the essence of each region through its rich food traditions. 

This is based on my personal view and the fact that I subscribe and follow some of these channels closely and enjoy their content, so these are my top 5 Youtube channels for African food, whether you’re an aspiring chef eager to explore African cuisine, a pro chef looking for inspiration, or simply a food lover who enjoys experimenting with new recipes, you’re going to fall in love with these channels.

Top 5 Recommended African Food Youtube Channels

Sisi Yemmie TV

Sisi Yemmie African food YouTube Channels
Image credit: Facebook

Yemisi Odusanya, known as Sisi Yemmie across all social media channels, is a fabulous food YouTuber with a charming personality, and she’s as Nigerian as jollof rice! You can’t help but fall in love with her warm and friendly vibe.

She adds a touch of life lifestyle to her vlog, making it more relatable for mothers and career women who want a healthy family. She’s like that cool friend you wish you had in your kitchen, guiding you through the delightful world of Nigerian cuisine.

She was listed as one of the best Nigerian YouTubers in 2020; what sets Sisi Yemmie apart is her unique emphasis on fusion cuisine. She brilliantly combines the rich flavors of African food with other global culinary traditions, creating mouthwatering dishes that’ll blow your taste buds! 

But it doesn’t stop there! Sisi Yemmie goes beyond Nigeria’s borders to explore the vast and diverse world of African-inspired recipes. She celebrates the rich heritage of these communities, bringing their delicious dishes to the forefront, making her channel a beautiful showcase of culinary diversity.

Youtube statistics: 933k subscribers, 1,200 videos, and 103,036,720 views. This alone tells she’s a pro and very vast in African delicacies. She is one of those who made Nigerian dishes get global recognition.

Fatima Sydow Cooks

African food YouTube Channels - Fatima Sydow
Image Credit: Facebook

Fatima Sydow is from Cape Town, South Africa; she is sure a pro; she isn’t just a Youtuber, but also a cookbook author who wrote her first book on a South African recipe titled The Journey of Cape Malay Cooking with Fatima Sydow and TV personality – her program  Kaap, Kerrie en Koesisters is one of the best in South Africa.

A culinary magician who cherishes the rich heritage of South African recipes. Fatima made her first 100-litre pot of curry at the age of 16 and has been sharing her popular recipes ever since. On her captivating YouTube channel, you’ll find a treasure trove of South African traditional dishes that have been passed down through generations. 

She preserves these culinary gems with every video and ensures they remain alive in our hearts and kitchens. From hearty stews to delectable desserts, Fatima’s passion for South African cuisine shines through, making her channel a true celebration of the country’s culinary diversity.

Prepare to be amazed as Fatima Sydow Cooks brings back forgotten and lesser-known South African dishes into the limelight. In her culinary quest, she uncovers hidden treasures that might have been overlooked but are nothing short of flavor-packed delights. Most importantly, she is known for using indigenous spices, herbs, and seasonings.

Youtube statistics: 156K subscribers, 722 videos and 22,657,622 views. She is known worldwide through her Facebook channel.

Ika Malle

African food YouTube Channel Ika Malle
Image Credit: Instagram

Ika Malle an African food Youtube channel, is a delightful platform run by a passionate chef or cooking enthusiast, Haika; this channel primarily focuses on sharing the authentic flavors of Tanzanian cuisine. Additionally, it occasionally features recipes from other countries in East Africa, making it a diverse culinary experience.

The channel doesn’t just stop at presenting the recipes; it goes the extra mile to provide more information about each dish. This additional context adds depth to the cooking experience, allowing viewers to connect with the recipes’ history, stories, and regional variations. 

Tanzanian recipes are often synonymous with Swahili recipes, as Swahili is widely spoken and influential in the region. This connection allows anyone from East Africa to delve into the heart of Tanzanian culinary traditions, understanding the cultural significance of the dishes presented.

The African Food Youtube channel is a culinary gem that brings the vibrant and delicious taste of Tanzanian cuisine to your screens. With its focus on simplicity, healthiness, and cultural context, it welcomes you to embark on a flavourful journey through the diverse and captivating world of East African cooking. So, if you’re Tanzanian and want to learn how to cook different recipes in your region, this channel is undoubtedly one of the best for you.

Youtube statistics: 436K subscribers, 569 videos and 29,318,111 views.

Nanaaba’s Kitchen

Nanabaa's kitchen African food YouTube Channel
Image Credit: Instagram

This is for you Ghana food lovers, Nanaaba’s Kitchen is always ready to spice your tastebuds with recipes from the region. A delightful African food Youtube channel hosted by the talented Nanaaba Akwa-Mushi from Ghana.

Nanaaba’s passion for cooking has its roots in her childhood. Her culinary journey began at a tender age when her mother would involve her in the kitchen, teaching her how to prepare meals and work with fresh produce.

Nanaaba’s cooking style is heavily influenced by her West African roots, particularly Ghanaian cuisine. With a love for bold and fresh flavors, she infuses her dishes with the authentic tastes of Africa that she grew up loving. Each recipe she shared on her channel is a beautiful reflection of her cultural heritage, celebrating the diversity and richness of African cuisine.

What sets Nanaaba apart is her dedication to promoting healthier choices without compromising on flavor. She believes in the power of incorporating nutritious ingredients to support good health; she brings the tastes of Ghana to life on her Youtube channel.

Youtube statistics: 758K subscribers, 393 videos and 73,851,166 views.

Chef Lola’s Kitchen

African food YouTube Channels - Chef lola's kitchen
Image Credit: Facebook

Why am I putting Chef Lola last? That’s because the chef cooks virtually all African dishes; she loves to experiment with different recipes, making them come to life in the tastiest way possible! 

Chef Lola’s African food Youtube channel focuses on using fresh and minimally processed ingredients; Chef Lola creates delicious dishes that are authentic to African recipes and appeal to a broader audience.

One of the remarkable aspects of Chef Lola’s cooking style is her global approach, which allows her to incorporate various culinary influences, expanding the palate of her viewers. While she primarily cooks indigenous African recipes, her dishes are accessible to anyone, making them suitable for food lovers worldwide.

Chef Lola’s passion for cooking started at a young age, and her culinary journey has been nothing short of impressive. At the tender age of 8, she prepared a traditional Nigerian meal called Amala for a crowd of about 20 people. Amala is made by stirring yam flour into hot water until a doughy lump is formed, and Chef Lola’s early culinary feat reflects her natural talent and love for creating delicious food.

On her Youtube channel, you will find an incredible assortment of mouthwatering African recipes that showcase the big and bold flavors of the continent. If you have a sweet tooth, Chef Lola’s channel is a haven for baking enthusiasts like you. Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned baker, you’ll find a range of baking recipes that will keep you coming back for more.

Youtube statistics: 218K subscribers, 218 videos and 21,963,738 views.

Each channel offers a delightful experience, sharing mouthwatering recipes and providing a glimpse into the heart of African culture. Whether you’re an aspiring chef or a food lover seeking new and exciting recipes, these YouTube channels offer a delightful showcase of African culinary recipes. Experience the essence of each region through its rich food traditions and get ready to try out new recipes and cooking styles with these professional chefs. Enjoy your cooking and experimenting, you sure would love new recipes.

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Deborah Olayiwola
Deborah Olayiwola
Deborah is a content marketing specialist, with a passion for the food niche, she writes engaging content that celebrates the joy of food and its power to bring people together. Having worked on different projects. Her curiosity and creativity shines through in her writing.

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