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Cake is a wonderful baked delicacy that is loved by all. It is every bakers delight to produce a snack that is loved by all and cake is one snack that no one can resist. Everyone appreciates a variety of options when it comes to food and cake is not left out among food that comes in varieties.

There are fundamental types of cake that every baker should know, they include;

  1. Pound Cake

This is a classic type of cake that is made using one pound each of flour, butter, sugar and eggs. Pound cakes typically have light flavours and are served plain or topped with a basic glaze. This cake is dense and delicious and it is a very good base recipe for a number of other cake varieties.

  1. Butter Cake

Butter cake is similar to pound cake because it uses roughly equal parts of eggs, sugar, flour and butter. Butter cake is lighter in texture than pound cake because of the use of leavening agents. This butter cake permits all ingredients to be whipped together at once.

  1. Layer Cake

Layer cake is a type of cake that involves two or more cakes being layered on each other and held together by use of icing or another filling. You can spice up this cake by making it as fancy and creative as you please.

  1. Sponge Cake

Sponge cake is a very light and airy kind of cake. This is because the eggs are whipped for up to 15 minutes. A traditional sponge cake has only 3 ingredients: flour, sugar and eggs. The texture of sponge cake allows it to absorb a number of creams, syrups and drizzles. It is made without a leavening agent.

  1. Angel Food Cake

This name was given to the cake because of its height. It implies that the cake nearly reaches the sky. The secret of the cake’s height is the fact that the egg yolk is separated from the egg white and only the egg white is whisked for baking and also because the cake is cooled upside down in its mold and this prevents the top from collapsing. The cake’s texture tends to be slightly chewy and spongy due to its high sugar content.

  1. Cheese Cake

Cheese cake is a perfect option for a rich and creamy dessert. The crust of cheese cake is often made from crushed graham crackers or cookies. A cream cheese-based filling is used for the cake. Cheese cake is interesting because it can be readily tailored to your taste.

  1. Chiffon Cake

Chiffon cake is made from a variety of ingredients but what makes it unique from other cakes is the fact that vegetable oil is used in place of butter. The vegetable oil should be liquid at room temperature to make for a moist and light cake. While baking this cake, the eggs are separated and beaten before folding into the batter.

  1. Flourless Cake

This cake is made without flour, making it different in both concept and flavour. The recipe is very easy to follow. All other ingredients are used except flour. Flourless cake is a very rich but not too sweet dessert option. This cake is usually very rich because of the chocolate, egg yolk and fat it contains.

  1. Upside-Down Cake

This cake gets its name from the way it is baked. It is baked by placing the toppings at the bottom of the pan. After the cake cools, it is flipped back right-side up. The toppings are now baked, giving the cake a unique flavour and look.

  1. Pudding Cake

Pudding cake recipe involves using a high-quality ricotta cheese. This cheese should be smooth and creamy instead of grainy or lumpy. It gives a very sweet cake batter and a very soft cake.

  1. Coffee Cake

Coffee cake is made using ground coffee powder. This cake is mild in texture and flavour and a thick buttery crumb graces the top. You can enhance the taste by substituting brown sugar with piloncillo, a Mexican sugar that is complex in flavour and very delicious.

  1. Fruit Cake

The recipe of this cake involves soaking the fruits in black tea overnight. This incorporates rich herbal flavour throughout the batter. This cake is also made using a dash of brandy that gives an amber-hued fruit cake. The delicacy comes in chewing the bits of fruits.