image source: dailymall

Have you asked yourself why you gain weight? Albeit excessively and all in the wrong places? Do you have friends or know people who can eat mountains of food on a daily basis and still remain just as they are, no extra bulge in sight? I know, that can be a bummer. If I have a cup of ice cream today, I know somewhere on my body will bulge tomorrow, the usual culprit being my stomach.

Why does that happen? Read on, let me break it down.

As your own taste buds will tell you again and again, food is not a villain. Most of us love food. And that’s a good thing because we need it for growth and repair of tissues. We need all that pent-up nutritional power to help meet our energy needs.

It’s not the food itself but the storage process that makes us unhappy. If we eat more than we need for immediate use, put bodies put it into cozy, comfortable storage cells. Where are those cells located? You already know the answer. Most of the plump cat cells are located in the trouble spots that we know about—bellies, hips, thighs, buttocks, and all the other areas that have fat holding cells.

People who tend to be overweight have bodies that scientists would describe as efficient. At first blush, efficiency might sound like a good thing, but in the modern world, it’s a liability. If your body uses food efficiently, you get the energy you need immediately, and then store the excess.

For some people, that’s fine. Their bodies almost mysteriously, don’t store much of the food they eat. You know who I’m talking about — those few people who seem to be able to eat anything and still stay thin.

For the vast majority of us, however, the fat that we store just keeps hanging around. If only there were some way to reset the controls on our bodies. If we could do that, maybe we could turn the storage function from high to low.

Of course, as you know, scientists have not quite figured out a way. Until they do, some people will be more likely to gain weight that others. The reasons have to do with body chemistry.

On the other hand, that doesn’t mean your body is going to fight you all the way. Many people can maintain a significant degree of weight loss, but that’s easiest to do when you don’t feel deprived.