Is there a guideline to food combinations? What should be combined with what? What shouldn’t be combined with what? Have you had any weird food combination? Many of us have a friend or family member or even an acquaintance that can eat almost anything, no matter how weird the combination is.

Read our list of weird food combinations;


Pasta and Tea

Can you try this combo? I was over at a friend’s the other day. She served me brunch in bed. Pasta and tea. It made me laugh. Deliciously stir fried pasta with loads of veggies and chicken to top, then a mug of warm chocolate tea. I’ve seen pasta and wine. I’ve never seen this. Is it weird? Would you try it? It wasn’t bad actually.


Vegetable soup and poached eggs

Yes, it happened once. I was ill, and had completely lost all my appetite. Combined with the unwillingness to cook, this came up. I found a frozen plate of vegetable soup in my freezer, complete with all the necessary proteins I like to make my vegetable soup with. I also had two egg yolks that my brother took out of his egg whites. What did I do? I put the vegetable soup in the microwave, it thawed in minutes. I sprinkled salt and pepper on the egg yolks, put it in the microwave, and in two minutes, it poached. I convinced myself it was healthy, albeit a weird combo, it would provide nutrients for me to recover quickly.


Beans and Eba

My mum’s sister is the queen of weird food combinations. She’ll make really delicious looking and tasting beans porridge. Then…boom! She’s making eba to go with it. Yes, I said eba. Talk about protein and carbohydrate combo.


Rice and okro

The day I saw this going into someone’s mouth, my jaw dropped. I almost asked how it felt in her mouth. I didn’t want to be rude, so I just let it slide. I kept wondering long after I left the place. I couldn’t figure it out. Was she eating it, or swallowing it? I know that I will never have a first hand knowledge of what this combo feels like in the mouth. Why? Because I will never try it. Thank you, next!


Yam and Okro

My friend once told me that she used to have this boyfriend that ate yam and okro. She visited him once at his family house and his mother served her yam and okro. I remember laughing hard at that story. According to her, it was a regular meal for them. She didn’t eat it by the way. Would you?



image source: opera