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    Beetroot 101

    Before you get into this article, you should know that you are going to get familiar with some interesting information about beetroots, that you probably have not heard about before.

    You are going to know what exactly beetroots are, some people mistake them for fruit, which is okay, but they are actually known as root vegetables. This is pretty obvious, giving the name has roots in it.

    What Are Root Vegetables?

    Roots can easily be described as plant parts that grow underground and are eaten by humans and animals as food.

    You might know a few root vegetables, but to refresh your memory, here are a few examples of root vegetables;

    • Rutabaga
    • Turnip
    • Daikon
    • Beetroot
    • Radish
    • Potatoes
    • Onions
    • Carrots
    • Ginger
    • Cassava
    • Yam

    Now you know what roots are, and what to describe beets as, now back to the main discourse, let us talk about beetroots.

    Let Us Talk About Beetroots

    Giving you amazing information on everything you need to know about beetroots. Most people don’t have so much idea of what beers are, not to worry, you are about to get a good amount of information on beetroots.

    Before we begin, let us get into the basics and the simple question that would be asked is, “what are beetroots?”

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    What Are Beetroots?

    To simply but what beetroots are, they are easily described as the products of a beet plant, or the taproot aspect or portion of a beet plant.

    The name of the taproot is often referred to as beets, while the vegetable is actually known as beetroots.

    Beets have some other names, and these names vary across continents and countries, and a few of them are;

    • Dinner beet
    • Red beet
    • Golden beet
    • Garden beet
    • Table beet
    • Beet

    The varieties of names that this amazing root possesses do not stop it from being highly nutritious and rich in so many essential nutrients and vitamins.

    Another way to describe what exactly beetroots are would be to say that beetroots are root veggies packed with so many important nutrients like Vitamin B9, folate, fiber, manganese, iron, and potassium.

    Now that we have covered the simple basics of what beets really are, the next aspect would be to dive into the health benefits of beets. Before we look into the health benefits, let’s discuss a little bit about beets.

    Beetroots Are Great For The Heart

    Beetroots are known for their great fiber content, they are not only rich in fiber, but beetroots are also very rich in so many plant compounds, and they are a great source of nutrients.

    Beetroots are also very popular for their ability to aid and improve on the health of the heart, this is as a result of the great nutrients that this amazing root possesses.

    Beetroots Help To Enhance The Human Exercise Capacity

    This feature of beetroots is mostly attributed to the amazing nutrients they possess and one of the major nutrients is the inorganic nitrate content of the beetroots.

    Beetroots Are Known To Help Lowers Blood Pressure

    High blood pressure puts your health at risk, this is because it can also damage the heart and the blood vessels. High blood pressure is also one of the known risk factors of some dangerous diseases, most especially heart disease and some others like stroke, even premature death.

    No one should experience this, it is important everyone puts in some effort to improve the mind and health one way or another.

    A few of the knob ways of improving the general health and being healthy is through the intake of good food and exercise.

    Just like you read earlier, beetroots help to boost the human exerciser capacity. In other words, beetroots give you the energy to be able to exercise more.

    Apart from giving you the ability to exercise more, beetroots are known to help lower blood pressure, which also keeps you healthy, hence protecting you and keeping you safe from several diseases, especially heart disease.

    Beetroot juice is so healthy that it is capable of reducing blood pressure by about 3-10mm Hg, and thus can occur within a matter of hours.

    The reason for this capability of beetroots is a result of the increased levels of nitric oxide. Nitric oxide causes the blood vessels to dilate and relax, allowing your blood pressure to come down, leaving you healthy and strong.

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    Beetroots are rich in minerals and vitamins that are essential to the body

    As you already know, beetroots are nutrient-filled and healthy, they are also very rich in some essential vitamins and minerals and a few of them are;

    • Vitamin B9 (folate)

    One of the major importance of folate is that they aid in the function of the cell and normal growth of tissues. This vitamin is very essential for pregnant women.

    • Potassium

    Potassium is a mineral that is known for its ability to aid in the reduction of blood pressure. Any diet which consists of a good amount of potassium is said to be capable of reducing blood pressure.

    Reduced blood pressure will have great and amazing effects on the health of the heart.

    • Manganese

    This is another important trace element that is found in beetroots. Manganese is also very high in legumes, whole grains, vegetables, and fruits.

    • Vitamin C

    Vitamin c is a very popular vitamin, it is also an antioxidant, and they are very essential for the treatment and improvement of the health of the skin and also proper and adequate immune function.

    • Iron

    This is another mineral that is very essential to the body, iron is known for its many functions, but one of the major functions it is known for is its importance for the transport of oxygen in the red blood cells.

    Beets are very rich in water and some other essential nutrients

    Did you know that beets are very rich in water? In fact, they consist of about 87% water, 2-3% fiber, and 8% carbs.

    Here is a simple breakdown of the contents of beetroots

    Fat- 0.2grams

    Sugar- 6.8grams

    Carbs- 9.6grams

    Water- 88%

    Protein- 1.6grams

    Fiber- 2.8grams

    Beets are very rich in fiber

    Fiber is a very essential part of a healthy and nutrient-filled diet. A good amount of fiber in a diet ensures a reduced risk of some dangerous diseases.

    Beetroots are known to possess a high fiber content, which makes is nutrient-filled and healthy.

    The good fiber content of beets gives it the capability to help strengthen and enrich your body, keeping you healthy and fit, which preventing you from several heart diseases.

    The Different Types Of Beetroots

    When you say beetroots, most people assume there is just one type of beet, but The African food network is here to tell you that, there is more than one type of beetroots.

    The different type of beetroots doesn’t exist in just one color, and that’s the red color, but most of them have varieties of colors that are just as beautiful and colorful as the red beets.

    What Do The Other Types Of Beetroots Taste Like?

    Finding out there are other types of beets out there, the next question that would follow would be “what do the other types of beetroots taste like?”

    If you have had the opportunity to give the red beets a try, then you already have some idea of what the other types of beetroots might taste like.

    Most people would say beets are not delicious and they taste kind of funny, but other people might tell you that it is one of the most flavor-filled roots they have ever tasted. The two answers are both right, and the only way to find out what beets actually tastes like is to give them a try for yourself.

    What Are The Different Types Of Beetroots?

    There are more than ten different types of beetroots. Not to worry, you are going to get familiar with most of them.

    image from: Pinterest.com

    Here are the names of the other types of beets;

    • The bull’s blood
    • The avalanche
    • Detroit dark red
    • Early winder
    • Cylindra
    • Crosby Egyptian
    • Merlin
    • Lutz green leaf
    • Golden beets
    • Forno
    • Red ace
    • Moulin rouge

      image from: Pinterest.com
    • Ruby queen
    • Touchstone Gold
    • White Detroit
    • Golden Detroit
    • Chioggia

    As you can see, there are so many different types of beets, and the beautiful thing about these different types of beets is that they all possess great health benefits, and they will be sure to nourish and enrich your body.

    Beets are so beautiful because they come in so many different colors like gold, pink, white and so many others.

    The most common type of beets as you already know is the red beets, also known as the classic deep-red beetroots.

    The major feature of beetroots as you should know is the color. The color of beets is due to a pigment that is known as betalain.

    What Is Betalain?

    Betalain is responsible for the color of the red and golden beets.

    You already know the names of some of the different types of beetroots, now let us take a closer look at the types of beetroots.

    Let Us Talk About The Other Types Of Beetroots
    The First Type Of Beets Are; The White Beetroots

    image from: Pinterest.com

    These types of beets are considered to be the sweetest and mildest, they also don’t have a harsh and what some might describe as earthy taste, like the red beets.

    Unlike red and golden beets, the white Beetroots don’t possess the compound betalain (the compound that is responsible for the color pigments of the golden and red beets).

    The white Beetroots are considered the sweetest type of beets because of the sugar content that they possess, which is considered to be higher than the other type of beets.

    The Second Type Of Beets Are; CYLINDRA BEETROOTS

    Also known as ‘butter slicer, this type of beetroot is perfect if you are into canning and pickling. It is known for its smooth skin, elongated roots, and deep red flesh.

    This type of beet is known to be sweet with a mild flavor and a hint of earthiness.

    Cylindra beets can grow to about 6-8inches in length.

    The name butter slice is given to this type of beet because of its uniform width, which is said to be perfect for slicing.

    Cylindra can be enjoyed in so many ways, but one of the most common ways that this type of beet is often enjoyed is the roasted cylindra. This type of beet can also be added to a stew, soups, and even salads.

    The leaves of cylindra are reddish-green and can also be consumed, but some might say it does not have a pleasant taste when eaten raw.

    The roots of cylindra beets usually take up to 60-70 days to mature and can be harvested in about 35-40 days.

    The Third Type Of Beets Are; DETROIT DARK RED BEETS

    The name of this type of beet already gives it off, it has a deep red color with round roots, a delicious taste that is often described as mild, and smooth skin.

    This type of beet can be eaten raw or can be used to add some color, flavor, and elegance to your salad bowl.

    The tops of this type of beets are where the flavor hides because the top is usually filled with flavor and it is also tender. This type of beets is known for their veins, bright red stems, and their dark green leaves.

    The Fourth Type Of Beets Are; THE CROSBY EGYPTIAN

    Also known as Crosby, this type of beet is very popular in Egypt, but it originated from Germany, which was later brought down to the United States and called the Egyptian beet.

    This type of beetroots can grow up to about 3-5 inches, and this is the early maturing root.

    This type of beetroots has a flat shape and just like some other types of beets, they have a very earthy taste, but it is also sweet.

    The Crosby has red stems and green tops, and are best harvested when they are hounded, and guess what? They are also perfect for salads.

    The Fifth Type Of Beets Are; CHIOGGIA BEETROOTS

    image from: Pinterest.com

    Also referred to as Dulce di Chioggia, the candy stripe, or the bull’s eye; This type of beet is popular for its amazing flavor and beautiful colors.

    The slices of this type of beets would definitely catch your eye because the concentric ring colors of white and pink, are not something you see every day.

    Accompanied by its beautiful color, this type of beet is also known for its flavor. Adding this type of beets to your salad will be sure to give your bowl the best nutrients, but not just the nutrients, the colors would also be something to talk about.

    Chioggia beetroots can be cooked, but cooking this type of beetroots does not ensure the color rings staying, the color fades away as it gets cooked.

    The leaves of Chioggia are green and crispy, and they can get harvested after about 50-60 days. It is advisable to wait till 60 days so that it would grow some more, to about 3-4 inches.

    The Sixth Type Of Beets Are; THE BULLS BLOOD

    image from: Pinterest.com

    With its purple-colored leaves, this type of beets can be harvested as microgreens, they go very well with salads, as they add a bit of flavor and a pop of color to your salad dish.

    This type of beetroots has a deep red color with an amazing earthy flavor but sweet and a little bitterness to balance off the flavor.

    It is preferable to harvest this type of beets when they are mature, this would ensure an improvement of the taste and color.

    These are six different types of beets, there are still other types of beetroots, but these are enough to get you started on this exciting and fun experience with beets.

    Remember that saying about the more being merrier? Well, it is the same case with beets, the more beets, the merrier, because now you have more beets to enjoy and have fun with.

    There are different ways of enjoying beets, and we are going to show you a few ways you can be creative with your beets while consuming a great number of nutrients that will nourish and enrich your body system.

    How Can You Enjoy Beets?

    To get enriched with this delicious and nutrient-filled root, there are so many ways you can enjoy them, but the African food network is here, giving you different ways of enjoying beetroots, African style.

    • South African Beet And Onion Salad

    image from: Pinterest.com

    This is the healthiest salad you can have, a bowl of South African beet and onion salad is packed with nutrients, minerals, and vitamins that will enrich your body, and have you feeling refreshed and healthy.

    There are a few ingredients required for the preparation of this nutrient-packed African beets delicacy, and they are;

    • Beetroots
    • Onions
    • Salt
    • Sugar
    • Water


    • Beetroot Rice

    This is a delicious and healthy African beetroot dish; it is also a very popular staple in some African countries. If you are looking for something new and nutrient-filled to enjoy for lunch, this is the perfect African beetroot dish. You can always check out the recipe for this delicious and nutrient-filled African beets dish, here at the African food network.

    There are a few ingredients required for the preparation of beetroot rice, and they are;

    • Green peas
    • Beetroots
    • White rice
    • Parsley
    • Water
    • Seasoning


    • Key sir Alicha (beets and potatoes)

    image from: Pinterest.com

    This is an Ethiopian beetroot dish, and it is enjoyed with injera. If you have been looking for some healthy and rich Ethiopian dishes to try out, this is a fun and simple way to start. You can also check out other delicious Ethiopian dishes, here at the African food network.

    There are a few ingredients that are required for the preparation of this delicious and nutrient-filled Ethiopian beetroot dish, and they are;

    • Garlic
    • Onion
    • Ginger (Optional)
    • Large beets
    • Potatoes
    • Water
    • Salt
    • African Beetroot Salad

    Are you looking for something with color, earthy flavor, and rich in nutrients? Have you tried the African beetroot salad? If you have not, this is your sign to check out the recipe for this incredible African beetroot salad, here at the African food network.

    • Beetroot Juice

      image from: Pinterest.com

    This should be on the list of healthiest juices, because it really gives you some very important nutrients that the body requires, not to forget its absolutely amazing and earthy flavor that beetroot juice has.

    • Moroccan Grated Beets And Carrot Salad

    There is something amazing about this African beets dish, the mix of healthy and amazing vegetables, paired with the mix of flavors and other ingredients required to add some type of spice to this African beets dish is spectacular.

    A Quick Recap

    image from: Pinterest.com

    Learning about beets is one of the exciting and interesting things will do this week, and the best thing you can do for your health and your mind is to add some African beets dish to your diet.

    Just like we said earlier, there is a common misconception that beets are fruits, but they are actually roots, and you also got to understand what exactly roots are and a few examples of roots.

    Learning about the different types of beets is something fun to know because you will be able to mix and try out exciting and fun recipes with the different types of beets, giving you a mix of flavors, colors, and overall nutrients.



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